10 SEO Top Tips for Restaurants – Part 1

February 26, 2016

Tips SEO for Restaurants

Before people walk into your restaurant to enjoy the good ambiance, impeccable service, and great delicacy, they need to find you first. For this reason, you need to implement not only the social media marketing tools but also an effective website SEO campaign. Here are some SEO tips for your website in the restaurant industry.

4 First Approaches:

Instead of load you right away with abundant guidelines, we would like you to understand and apply these four approaches first to your website.

1. Keyword Research and Combination

Put yourself in the shoes of the average internet user. When you are looking for a fine restaurant online, what are the words or phrases that you would actually type on the search engine? When planning the SEO campaign for your restaurant, use the same keywords that any searcher would typically use.

Additionally, decide on the words that you will use in modern voice search applications such as Google Assistant and Siri. Ensure you use the keywords naturally in the web pages, press releases, articles, as well as social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter. To expand your visibility, explore all other social media platforms common with people these days.

  SEO Tips For Restaurants and Website

2. Optimize Your Website

Having decided on the keywords and phrases that you want to use for the SEO campaign, distribute them evenly on the website (optimization). Getting these on the right places ensures that they actually work for the campaign.

You need to include the primary keywords in the following places to have an effectual SEO optimization campaign.

  • Page title (Meta title) – this is the title of each page on your website.
  • Page description (Meta description) – this is the description of the service you offer plus its location.
  • Web page – this refers to the various sections that your website may have. Here, distribute the keywords evenly within various sentences. Ensure the words fit naturally in the structure of the sentence without getting out of conventional rules of grammar.
  • Video and image file names – do you want to include pictures of your restaurant, various delicacies and more? Ensure the names of the files contain a few of the selected keywords. The captions under the pictures should also have a few keywords.

Avoid using the Meta keywords on the administrative section of your website. After all, search engines stopped using this as a metric to direct traffic.

3. Get your NAP right

80 percent of websites, including those run by restaurants, get their names, addresses, and phone numbers (NAP) wrong. For example, ensure that your physical address appears prominently. After all, you may not serve customers at all if they do not actually find the location of the restaurant.

Additionally, let your website visitors know what time you open and what time you close. Search engines are more likely to display websites with business hours on the first results than those that do not have.

4. Schema

Plan the way your website displays your name, address, and phone numbers. Additionally, let people know what payment options you accept at the restaurant. Ensure that these details are presented in a language that search engines can understand.

This schema is important if you want your website to be relevant in local marketing searches. Additionally, you are more likely to be discovered by mobile searches. This way, your SEO campaign is headed in the right direction.

  Planning for SEO

Planned Efforts

SEO Campaign is not a one-step only. It needs planned efforts to make it successful that will bring returns to your business. So try to plan or apply these four first approaches first, and come back to this blog on Monday for the next steps.

And if you have applied or thinking to apply those four approaches of SEO Campaign on your restaurant website, please let us know how is your experience doing so by sharing your comments below. We will love to hear it.

Happy weekend, restauranteurs!

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