10 SEO Top Tips for Restaurants – Part 2

February 29, 2016


Do you market your restaurant through your website? You need to know all the advantages that it will bring you, like to increase your visibility, to interact with potential clients, get to know them; and from there, decide what changes you need to do.

This is a continuation of the previous article on 10 SEO Top Tips for Restaurants; if you haven't read the first part of, please go through this link.

Here are 3 More Tips to Know:

With all those tips to optimize websites, any restaurant has excuses for not having an amazing one. Every step developed here is easy to do and will really make the difference for your visibility.

5. Include a Map

As you seek to get the online traffic to walk into your restaurant, include a map that shows its exact location. The map should appear on the 'Contact Us' and 'Location' pages of your website. It does not make sense including it on other pages.



Be careful with the map that you put on these pages. It should not be any ordinary map. Instead, insist on a map taken from Google+. This is because Google updates its maps regularly to capture any new additions such as roads, parking, schools, and other amenities in the area around your restaurant.

For this reason, you should have an active Google+ account. It is easy to copy a map from Google+ and paste it on your website. The restaurant’s name appears on the map and filters unimportant information such as the names of your competitors.

6. Navigational Menu

If you do not have a proper menu on the website, it might be the reason why you are not getting enough online traffic and offline visitors. For this reason include a menu and make the experience of the average web visitor friendly. Otherwise, people are more likely to hit the Back button and look for menus on other websites.

The advantage of having a menu is the fact that a search engine can easily pick your web page for display as compared to having to look deep inside the pages. Consider using a simple menu to navigate visitors to sections that they deem important, as different people have different tastes.



Avoid the use of file extensions such as png. jpg.tif., and others. Instead, use plain text. To make the offline experience of a prospective customer better, include a pdf format. This way, a person can download the menu and print it. Later, he can paste it in his office wall. In so doing, he will pick a meal from the list and order it from your restaurant. Do not forget to encourage web visitors to do this.

7. Link Building and Citation Building

You can increase the visibility of your restaurant by completing and optimizing profiles on leading restaurant and hospitality review sites as well as online business directories. Examples include Yelp, Menuisms, and Tripadvisor.

Just as you would do when building your website, ensure that these profiles have keywords relevant to your industry and location. Use your restaurant name alongside images and videos that have been optimized for more efficiency.

In fact, having completed profiles on the above authoritative directories is the second most efficient strategy towards being displayed on the results of search engines. Here ensure your name, address, phone numbers, and citation data are correct.

Of course, the most important approach is optimizing your website. When these two are done efficiently, they can guarantee you a generous portion of the massive traffic using PCs and smart mobile devices.

As you have your presence on authoritative platforms remember to include a pdf copy of the menu in your restaurant and contact details at the bottom. Similarly, encourage website visitors to download and print it for use whenever they need a meal.

New Knowledge to Learn

We truly understand that as a restaurant person, you probably not familiar with all those steps above. But with some researches and some help, you will find that it is not that hard to do.

Don't forget to head back to our blog on Friday to have the last three steps to complete your SEO Campaign. And please let us know what do you think with commenting bellow.

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