10 SEO Top Tips for Restaurants – Part 3

March 4, 2016  |   Marketing, SEO

When was the last time someone entered your restaurant saying he had seen it on the internet? This could seem unimportant but it is the key of success for your business. This article is part three of 10 SEO Top Tips for Restaurants if you haven’t read the first part and the second part, you may want to go through them first.

Three Ultimate Tips for Your SEO:

The next three approaches to get visibility would seem really basic, but the fact is they are the key to success with your SEO for your restaurants.

And as you can think, they are really simple to apply, so let’s try!

8. Content

The statement ‘content is king’ may sound like an overused phrase, but the truth of the matter is that it works. Attracting massive traffic to your website is one thing, and ensuring they like what they read is another thing altogether. You need to convince them to actually visit your website or pick up the phone to make an order.

Ensure the tone of your language is persuasive. Use the keywords that you know ordinary internet users are likely to use. Whatever you write on the web pages, ensure it seeks to convert the passive visitors into an active customer of your restaurant. If your restaurant is in the heart of New York, for example, you know people will type words such as ‘affordable New York restaurants’, ‘New York cheap restaurant’, and ‘best restaurant in New York’ among others.

Apart from the text that you write, you need to include captivating images such as pictures and infographics. As people look at the pictures of the delicacies on offer, their stomachs should start yearning for the actual dish.


restaurants website applying SEO


Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo usually rank websites according to the number of people who visit frequently. Additionally, the time that each visitor spends on the website is an important ranking metric. Therefore, embed short videos demonstrating typical food preparation and serving procedures.

9. Social Media

The bad news of digital marketing is the fact that social media delivers only 5 percent of returns. The strategy responsible for most returns on investment is SEO. The other portion is accounted for by traditional approaches such as word of mouth marketing.

However, this is not entirely bad news for a restaurant. As your followers and friends on social media platforms rave and share content from your restaurant, they increase your visibility to their own friends, families, and followers.

As you seek to make this strategy work, increase the quality of pictures, videos, and content on your Facebook and Twitter pages. Use a primary keyword close to the opening line of a text. Next, include a link that redirects people back to your website; links people to the most relevant web page on the site, and not just the home page.

As you can never be sure that they will navigate from the home page, link them to the menu page. Encourage your friends to share and retweet these pictures on their timelines to increase your visibility. Insist on the use of hashtags where you include your restaurant name and Meta descriptions.


Review for Restaurant

10. Reviews

The most important thing for your restaurant is to please its customers. When they write positive reviews of the service, hygiene, and pricing, search engines can actually elevate your ranking. This means that your restaurant will be displayed higher on the search engine result pages, further putting you at an advantage. Don’t worry if you have a negative review, as long as you handle those negative reviews properly.

For this reason, have a dedicated page on your website where you post reviews. Include positive reviews for everyone to see. However, Google discourages you from copying its content and pasting it anywhere on the Internet. Therefore, avoid pasting the text version. Instead, use a non-text format such as an image.

Do It in a Total Way

Once you understand the power of these 10 steps, you will realize its power to your business. But the biggest mistake people do is tend to do not doing it in a total way, but just using half measures.

Of course, there will be a process. But, knowing the internet is the fastest and cheapest space with the most crowds for marketing now, I believe it is already the time for restaurant owners to acquire this SEO Campaign for their restaurants.

So what do you think, foodies? Are you willing to run the 10 steps of the SEO Campaign on your website? Or are you still questioning the technical aspects? Let us know what’s on your mind.

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