Tips to Brand Your “About Us” Page #2

In the previous post, we have provided some tips to brand your “About Us” page. This post will show you

Tips to Brand Your “About Us” Page #1

The ‘About Us’ page is a prime feature of any website. Yet it’s also one of the most difficult aspects

Donation Benefits Your Business

Having a donation program for your business will not just benefit the donations recipients, but your business as well. Whether

How to Strengthen Google+ Marketing

Whenever you engage in Google+ marketing, it’s important to make sure that people are actually paying attention to what you’re

How to Do Effective Marketing on Twitter

As a social network, Twitter is a powerful tool for modern marketers, because millions of people use Twitter daily. As

How to Keep Your Site Mobile Friendly

Almost every business wants to have a responsive website in order to reach out to more customers in a friendly

Increasing Hotel Revenue with Digital Marketing

These are the presentation notes that Tom West and Jonathan Cross presented at the recent Bali Hotels Association marketing workshop

How Hashtags Work on Instagram

Instagram’s hashtags work in a similar way to Twitter’s hashtags. However, they’ve been “reinvented” some. You can place these hashtags

How Hashtags Work on Pinterest

Although hashtags are quietly “supported” (they’re clickable as long as they are in the description) on Pinterest, they work very

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