How to Manage a Low Budget Google Ads Campaign

How to Manage a Low Budget Google Ads Campaign #2

In the previous post regarding low budget Google Ads campaign, we already discussed about some tips how to manage an

How to Manage a Low Budget AdWords Campaign #1

Google Ads campaigns can be quite costly if not properly managed. In fact, most medium and small businesses do not

Social Media Marketing Trends Nowadays #Part2

In the previous post, we have discussed about some trends in social media marketing nowadays. As you see from that

Social Media Marketing Trends Nowadays #Part1

Year after year, social media continues to revolutionize the way business is done. Social media marketing has become a major

Google Ads Advertisement

6 Habits of Highly Effective Google Ads advertisement

Google Ads advertisement is an internet advertising approach that allows business owners to reach their target audience through phrases and

9 Tips to Improve Your Hotel’s Digital Marketing Strategy

More and more people are taking to the internet to search for hotels before making bookings, and so is the

Understanding Website Traffic:
Free Traffic vs. Paid Traffic

Online businesses and websites thrive on traffic. That is the number of people visiting as well as purchasing services or products being offered.

15 Stats from Online Marketing Strategies in Travel 2015

There are several findings from the recent studies that can boost your online marketing strategies. Online marketing in the travel

Google Intends To Reduce Rankings of Content behind Interstitials

It has been in the common knowledge domain that Google intends to include presence of interstitials as part of its

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