5 Reasons to Go Mobile

The use of smart phones and tablets have been sky-rocketing in recent years. Since last year, it is reported that

Traffic Slump got you in the Dumps?

One of the most dreaded things to happen to your website is when its traffic takes a dip. Your email

4 ways to Supercharge your Online Audience Strategy

Since the beginning of Internet search marketing, marketers have used the power of keywords as proxies to represent user intent.

What on earth is a 301 redirect? When should you use one?

Have you ever experienced missing important information that would normally be sent to your door after moving out? Mail forwarding

4 intriguing things you didn’t know about Google’s algorithm

Unless you’re a marketing professional, enthusiast, or nerd, it’s not a usual occasion where you see the words “fun” and

Growing your Instagram audience with these 3 strategies

Instagram has taken the social media marketing world by storm. With it’s remarkable user growth statistics and fun, engaging, and

Desktop lives on: why everything SEO isn’t mobile prioritized

To be mobile responsive is now a core area of focus in the world of SEO tactics, and it’s easy

How the hospitality industry conquers Instagram

Instagram and the hospitality industry are a match made in heaven. Whether it comes to visuals of delicious food and

What on Earth are local backlinks and how do I find them?

When it comes to Link building, we often follow the generic process of thinking to aim high in authoritative domains

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