2017’s Top SEO Tips

May 5, 2017  |   Marketing, SEO

There is no doubt that internet technology has fully revolutionized modern business.  Every company is now scrambling to build a stronger digital presence through various digital marketing techniques. If you have no search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, it is highly likely that you are nowhere near achieving marketing goals.

The volatile nature of SEO practices makes it crucial for a website owner to stay abreast of emerging trends. Google algorithms evolve rapidly which in turn keeps raising the bar and changes the search ranking factors.

If you are struggling to get a footing in this new year, perhaps it’s time to take a look at the following SEO strategies which every website must integrate into its 2017 SEO campaign for better site performance:

1. Optimizing for Rich Answers

Rich answers, Google’s way of providing direct information to users, is just one of the latest upgrades that show the increasing role of machines in everyday life. While aiming for the top positions in Google’s search for your target keywords is still important, it’s now high time to start providing content on your pages that will predict what a user could possibly ask on search engines and start ranking on rich answers. And while Stone Temple Consulting shows that only 19.5% of search results consist of rich answers, there’s no doubt that these numbers will certainly increase in the future.

2. Better User Engagement

For a long time, Google has consistently mentioned user engagement as an important factor in ranking. Marketers, however, have not yet found the right mix on their websites to enhance user engagement, promote conversion and reduce bounce rates. In order to boost user engagement and increase average time-on-site, you need to first evaluate which pages are getting a lot of interaction from visitors. This gives you insight on which links are getting more clicks, thus giving you results that can be used to optimize CTA links to get more interaction from visitors. The insight you get also shows which pages are ranking poorly which will allow you to do some cleanup and remove such links and content.

3. Mobile App Optimization

According to Google, more people are now accessing the internet using mobile devices rather than desktops. More importantly, mobile internet users spend more time on apps as opposed to mobile websites. If your business doesn’t already have an app, now is the time to consider one. This begins with a responsive web design which includes a higher loading speed thus resulting in a better user experience. Setting up an app will allow you to take advantage of the benefits App Indexing brings, in particular, its deep links. With the right target keywords for your app, App Indexing will bring in millions of search results with the high potential of converting those searches into new customers.

For some people, SEO might be complicated. But with Island Media Management, the expert in digital marketing, it’s all pretty straightforward. Forget the headache and leave it to us to figure things out for you. We are open for consultation on how to help your business gain more success digitally. If you’re interested, call us or drop us an email to arrange a meeting. We look forward to hearing from you.

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