Web Design Color and Emotions Theory

Web Design Tips: Color and Emotions Theory

Web design has come a long way since the inception of the internet over 30 years ago. What started as a way to share information around the world, resulted in the rise of arguably the most important invention in the 20th century.

Powerful and Persuasive Copywriting Tips for Hospitality Industry

Can words really sway people’s minds into buying something? A website with the right copy can make a difference in the booking rate, but be warned – persuasive copywriting should not only be seen as a tactical tool to spur visitors’ interest to convert, but rather as a means to deliver your hotel brand’s overall attitude or feel.

Can Marketing Be Outsourced? Here Is Why It Can

Marketing is the invisible pillar that supports a business, and perhaps it is given far less credit than the salesforce.

Latest Update on Social Media Trends in 2020 and Beyond

Latest Update on Social Media Trends in 2020 and Beyond

Every year, social media specialists around the world collect data and reflect upon possible trends that will happen in the coming year. As it turns out, this year in 2020, there have been quite a lot of surprises and past predictions may not be so accurate. For instance, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a drastic increase in internet usage as people around the world were advised to stay home. Consequently, people consumed even more social media content than before, and yet businesses were not able to fully reap the benefits from content marketing because of the temporary shut down. Do the social media trend predictions made in 2019 still stand today? What kinds of social media strategies did people use in these abnormal conditions? What can we learn to prepare for future crises?

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