3 reasons why Organic Search is better than Paid Advertising

September 20, 2017


Using paid advertising as a source of driving traffic to your website can be wonderful, however, this is not the case if you begin to neglect efforts to gather organic traffic.

At Island Media Management, we know that both methods have their individual benefits and drawbacks after providing services for our varied clients. After sticking to the traditional case of relying only on search engines as traffic, the digital marketing world has grown. As the fastest growing digital marketing agency in Bali, Indonesia, we are growing along with it – learning and strategically implementing Google Ads campaigns, creating identities across social media and promoting through them.


Although there are many businesses that swear by the dependency of these marketing tools alone, websites are still suffering from Google rankings. Studying this case with many of our SEO clients in Bali, we have concluded it takes diversification to come up with a fantastic advertising strategy.

The trend today

Island Media Management works with clients that have small to large websites and have noticed that most of them have stopped relying on Google to drive traffic to their website. This is not because they have lost their interest, but simply because they have hired us to come up with a strategy to increase their share.

The 3 reasons why you shouldn’t overlook organic traffic

  1. Organic is better in delivering relevant traffic: When it comes to performing better in terms of capacity, paid search ads obviously does it better. However, this is only when it comes to conversions, not traffic delivery overall.social media
  2. Social media’s role: Sure we can say that social media and paid ads are traffic generators, but they do not drive loyal customers. The bounce rates increase and the number of pages they visit can appear low. 
    • Facebook is only meant to drive visitors to a specific article that dismisses overall site traffic and doesn’t attract loyal customers.
    • Twitter is meant to be used to promote customer loyalty and its benefits but doesn’t create content for post traffic.
  3. Investment: The problem with paid referral sources like Google Ads or Facebook advertising, is that the traffic you’re receiving will only last as long as you feed the meter. Once you stop, watch your traffic drop.

A constant reminder is that most of your traffic is not looking for you. Simply because they crossed paths with your business and decided to give your website a peek. If the visitor had a fantastic user experience on your website, there is a possibility they will come back. Let Island Media Management create your clearly defined and actionable marketing strategy. As the island’s leading digital marketing agency in Bali, we are proud to share our knowledge and strategies to help your business grow. Check out our various services here. What we do works.

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