4 Tips to Promote Your Hotel Restaurant Online

May 22, 2019

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Here are the 4 tips to promote your hotel restaurant online.

There is no doubt that a hotel’s online marketing strategy should mostly focus on promoting their accommodations.

But, that doesn’t mean it should miss out on their restaurant.

To market your hotel’s restaurant online will drive more traffic to your hotel’s website and location.


Hotel Restaurant Website  

Build your brand identity

You should develop your restaurant’s identity around your target customers.

Reflect these interests in your promotional campaign.

Always keep in mind that your hotel restaurant is about service and not just serving food.

The goal is to distinguish as a local dining establishment rather than a food department within a hotel.

  Hotel Restaurant Website  

Use social media to build Brand Awareness

Among the various social platforms, you need to find what works best for your hotel restaurant. Your customer’s profile is the key.


You will post content with keywords linked to your customer base, your cuisine, or your menu. Information on Facebook will help inform your customers.

Example of information would be pictures of the staff, educational posts about culinary topics, special events.


The foodie selfie phenomenon invades Instagram. You should take advantage of this phenomenon to highlight your hotel restaurant and your dishes.

Foodies pictures are among the most shared pictured on the web. Also, behind-the-scenes stories and photos are easy ways to share your hotel restaurant.


Twitter is used to share information in real-time, to connect people. You could use hashtags related to your content to find your audience members.

You should try scheduling tweets at different times of the day to target the breakfast, lunch, or dinner specifically.

The essential factor about social media is to share with your customers to keep them engaged.

Thanks to social media platforms, you can communicate directly with your existing customers and targeted prospects.

Moreover, it is a way to respond to customers’ concerns and complaints. You should encourage customers to write reviews, post photos, and share their experiences online.

  Restaurant Website Manage  

Manage your hotel restaurant website

You may have heard it a thousand times, but a website remains an ideal solution to promote your hotel restaurant.

All your restaurant details should be online and up-to-date.

This update should include address, phone number, hours, online menu. The stronger your online details are, the better.

“Book now.”

The book now button is an online reservation tool that allows customers to book reservations online.


Use your email newsletter as a platform to discuss new menu items or share special discount.


Blogs humanize your brand. Your blog posts allow you to share your personality and to build trust with your readers.

  Google Alerts Restaurant Website

Create link building with Google Alerts

With Google Alerts, you can monitor the web, which is the best way to prevent surprises and estimate marketing opportunities.

As a reminder, link building is the process of getting other websites to link back to your website.

Thanks to the keywords picked on Google Alerts, the link building’s process will be more comfortable and faster.

Link building shows to Google that your hotel restaurant website is a quality resource worthy of citation.

In an age of robotic customer service, the human element is severely lacking.

Even though, the customer is the key to success.


Your restaurant’s promotional campaign must be focused on the customers’ trends.

Need more ideas to promote your hotel restaurant?

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