5 Common UI/UX Mistakes To Avoid

March 10, 2021

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Tarryn West Design
UI/UX mistakes to avoid
inconsistent elements

1. Using Inconsistent Elements

Don’t use inconsistent elements across your website.

Use the same element style on every page, so that users can easily anticipate how to interact with your website. This is key for user login, call to action buttons, navigation and more.

Multiple buttons for CTA

2. Using multiple buttons for CTA’s

If you must have more than one button listed in your call to action, be sure to highlight the priority button in a darker color. This will help to guide users to your desired outcome.

Lack of font heirachy

3. Lack of font heirachy

Make sure that you have consistent font styles across your website.

Page titles for example should all be the same size and color, while paragraph text should be smaller and in a neutral color like black or grey. Having the font styles set depending on their purpose makes it easier for you users to read the text on your website.

4. Contradicting Elements

Do not align related items to different sides, such as images that contradict with the content of the paragraph or social media’s share buttons in the middle of the page so that they cover the content. Try to always align related elements to the same side, and connect according to visually proportionality.

Low contrast of colors

5. In proper use of color styles

Low contrast of the color combination could lead your website looks to become unattractive and seem outdated.

Compose the contrast that is well aligned with the color of your product or the service that you promote, so you can lead your potential customer and stimulate the users to consume your design visually without a lot of effort.

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