5 Easy Steps to Optimize your Google My Business Page

August 25, 2019

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Google My Business is a powerful tool that can increase revenue and improve your customer’s loyalty. There are few benefits of using Google My Business, which include presenting your shared photos and videos to customers for a virtual tour of your business before they even come into your store. Also, since this feature is internet-based, your audience can access it easily from their devices.

Additionally, Google My Business is absolutely FREE.

Optimize your profile with current information

First impressions matter. That’s why you should focus first on creating a complete business profile with the most current information that is relevant to the services you provide. Try to place yourself as a prospective customer, and think about what you want to know when searching for a business.

Other than the name of your business, current address and contact information, remember to include your business category and a brief description of the services that are offered by your business.

Consistency in your content

Next, you should make sure is that the message or information you provide is consistent! Whether it's on your website, Google ads, social media ads or any other content that you publish on the web.

If you deliver inconsistency, the information you share may have a negative impact on your search rankings, which can potentially become a barrier to customer discovery. Content consistency of a listing is one of Google’s methods for deciding which local businesses to trust, so be sure to deliver consistent content.

Use relevant images

Photos will complete your listing and make your page more appealing to visitors. Once you are confident with your listing and business information, your Google My Business Page will need some personalization and visuals to present on your page.
Start choosing the best photos that will give people an idea of what your business looks like and the services you will be providing. Businesses with images on their listings get more than 30% more click rate and are considered twice as reputable as those without.

Post contents on your page

It's always important to post valuable content that is relevant to your brand or service, as people seek recent posts when it comes to looking for an online business. You can mention any upcoming events, special promotions, or discounts that may attract your potential customers. With the help of some local research from local SEO, you can find out the relevant keywords you should use in your content.

Don’t break Google’s guidelines

There are  principal guidelines to avoid in your Google My Business account. You don’t want to get your account suspended and even lead to permanent suspension, which will have a fatal impact on your business.
The things you have to avoid include excessive use of keywords in your profile’s listings, having many Google My Business listings for the same business, abusing existing customers, and using a third-party platform to filter negative reviews.

Want to know more about this powerful tool?

These are the necessary things you need to know when creating a Google My Business Page.

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