5 Reasons to Go Mobile

November 29, 2017


The use of smart phones and tablets have been sky-rocketing in recent years. Since last year, it is reported that mobile device use in nearly all major markets has now surpassed desktop use. Following this trend, digital marketers and web developers should be expected to follow mobile development standards. Despite this overwhelming trend, it is striking that the majority of small to medium sized businesses are still not mobile friendly.

mobile responsive website

Join us in this blog with a light website development topic as Island Media Management explains why being mobile responsive plays a huge role in your business’s online.

  1. The use of smart phones is on the rise
    • Over 30% of online searches on search engine Google are done through mobile devices.
    • In the United States, Germany, Seychelles, Italy, and India, 35% of users access the internet through mobile device.
    • 65% of customers present their opinions of products, services, or brands better if the website is designed to offer visitors a great mobile experience.
    • 95% of emails are accessed via smart phones and out of that 95%, 15.19% are accessed through tablets.

    Data gathered through Smart Insights

  2. Fantastic user experience

    According to Google’s Think Insights collected on smartphones and tablets, if a visitor lands on your website using their mobile but can’t find what they’re looking for, it is likely they will leave causing an increase in bounce rate. If your visitors are having a positive experience on mobile, it is reported that they are 59% more likely to purchase a product or service.

  3. A responsive web design is key to good SEO

    At Island Media Management, we stay updated to the largest search engine in the world, Google in order to help businesses achieve optimum results in digital marketing. With deep knowledge of Google, we are aware that the search engine prefers websites that are adaptable to any device.

    Creating a responsive website makes it easier for the search engine to crawl your website and decreases the chance of errors on the on-page SEO. It is for these very reasons it is wise to hire a professional website development and digital marketing agency. Island Media Management creates and executes detailed websites to match your business’s needs. To find out more about our website development service, click here

     mobile page speed

  4. Speed is crucial

    Google’s Page Speed standard recommendation is for a page’s initial content to load under a second and the entire page under two. This is often surprisingly difficult when loading a desktop version of a page on a smart phone. But once you make the investment in a responsive design, you’ll find a decrease in the number of users leaving your website.

  5. A responsive website adjusts to all devices

    With technology growing in various shapes and sizes, creating a responsive design can be a major advantage as it automatically adjusts to display itself on different screen sizes. So even if the future is unclear with new devices such as watches, glasses, and televisions, your website will still look perfect with the same amount of important content.

As Bali’s leading digital marketing agency, Island Media Management ensures businesses of all sizes are maximizing their potential for success. Whether it is developing high end websites, extraordinary content, engaging in social media platforms, or getting your ads flying across the internet, we can do it all. Contact us today to consult your business needs with us!

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