5 tips for a great 404 page

March 19, 2014  |   SEO

Have you ever visited a website only to be met with a dirty old “404 Page Error – we cannot find this web page that you are looking for”?

By not having the right 404 page you are potentially losing lots of web traffic to your site. So today I am going to discuss about your 404 page but before I do…..

What is a 404 Page?

A 404 page tells a user that the page they are looking for does not exist. That could be because the page has been moved, deleted or it just did not exist in the first place.

We have all seen them and been frustrated by them!

5 tips for your 404 page

When you consider how to construct your 404 page have a think about these five tips:

1. Make the page interesting just like you would with any other web pages that your customer might see.  If you use the same standard 404 page then people will automatically move away from the page.  By making the page interesting you have the chance to direct your customers to the place they are looking for.

2. Add images to your 404 page.  A really cool way to get the message across is through graphics.

3. So they haven’t found the right page but they are looking for something.  Consider adding links to your main product pages so that customers have a chance to find what they are looking for.  It doesn’t need to be many links but as long as the customers can navigate to where they need to be then you have succeeded in helping them.

4. Make sure you add your contact information to this page.  If they can’t find what they are looking for then at least your 404 page will make it easy for them to contact you.

5. Get social!  Show then they way to your Facebook or Google + Business pages, get them to follow your twitter account.  The 404 page is a great place to add your social media icons to.

Get Creative with your 404 page

The great thing about the internet is that ideas are endless. There are some really cool examples of fun and interesting 404 pages.  I personally like the fab404.com for soe funny 404 pages as well as hongkiat.com.  You will find some really nice examples of 404 pages in both these sites.

If you take a look at your 404 page and think it needs an overhaul then it time to get to it.  Just ask your web designer to give you some ideas and how to make your 404 page useful, and more importantly, cool!

If you need any assistance with your 404 page then feel free to contact us here at Island Media Management.

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