8 Other Easy Ways to Improve Your Instagram

May 6, 2016  |   Social Media

You might have read the First 7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Instagram article. And you probably have realized improving your Instagram publications doesn’t need a complex action. If you want to become an Instagram expert, follow these 8 last tips and just enjoy your success!

The Remaining 8 Ways

8. Over-Edit: Selfie lovers, do not over-edit those selfies. It has been found that pictures of your face are most likely to get 30% more likes. This is great and it means you should take advantage of those selfies. It is important that you look just like yourself, though. Smoothening your face too much, so that your face has no lines or curves, will make you look too different. You could, however, use Squareready, an editing tool that helps you to blur out blemishes and pimples with ease.

9. Hashtags: To get more followers, make use of hashtags on Instagram. They will better your chances of having people regram your posts and will definitely lead to plenty more followers. If you enter a photo challenge, use their hashtag for an opportunity to have your photo seen by more people who may also be in the challenge.

10. Hold Your Phone In The Right Way: If you are going to take a picture, you need to hold your phone perpendicular to whatever your subject is. This means in many cases, that you will need to hold it 100% upright. It will make your picture look more professional and it will also appear to be clearer.

11. Phone Camera Focus: When taking a picture, focus on it with your phone camera and not using the blur tool provided by Instagram. By tapping on the camera screen, you will be able to decide on what you want your main focus to be. Take your photo once you have decided. Your picture will look professional and not as heavily edited.

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12. Airplane Mode: If you want to use Instagram to edit your pictures without having to post, go into airplane mode on your phone. This way, when you tap on “post”, it will not be uploaded but will instead be saved in your camera. You can post it later to Instagram if you want so that your posts are spaced out.

13. HDR Function: If the room you are in has low light, simply turn on the HDR function of your phone. This will give you a better chance of not having a junky, grainy picture. You simply go to camera, and at the very top select “HDR” and tap on. You will see the HDR button become yellow.


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14. Instagram’s Editing Tools: Do not use a filter on your pictures. Instead, by using Instagram’s editing tools, sharpen, brighten, saturate and enhance contrast.

15. Tone It Down: If you do use a filter, be sure to tone it down. If you do not do so, your picture will be looking rather overdone when you would rather have it looking natural and normal.

Let’s Become an Instagram Expert

Well, you have gotten it all to become an Instagram expert and probably, already reaping the benefits of these suggestions. Don’t forget to send us your feedback and applying these simple techniques to your Instagram. We would love to hear from you.

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