8 Ways to give Google what it wants

June 26, 2014  |   SEO, Webmaster, Website Development

When you use a search engine like Google, what are you looking for? Most likely you’re looking for a website with high quality information, goods or services in the field of your desire. You want the information well structured and easy to understand. And that’s exactly what Google is trying to provide for their users. It always tries to deliver the most current, relevant and informative sites in their search results.

So if you’re a website owner, there are some things you have to take care of, if you want Google to be interested in your page.

Google wants good SEO
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Google wants you to:

  1. 1. Offer good information on every page of your website.

When Google, or your potential customers, check out your website, you have to give them some content on every single site. Don’t implement pages that only show pictures or graphs. Make sure to provide some useful informative texts!

  1. 2. Include content which doesn’t promote your direct sales only.

For example, if you are a successful realtor in New York selling houses, don’t just tell people how good you and your objects are. Provide some facts beyond that! Write about New York’s neighborhoods, schools or local businesses.

  1. 3. Keep up to date.

Don’t put some content on your page and leave it like that for ages. You should continuously be updating your website. Keep adding things and improve it as much as you can!

  1. 4. Make use of headlines and subheadings.

Break up your extensive content into smaller chunks of texts which are easy to understand. Google, as well as your visitors, value headlines as clues on what they’re about to read. So make sure to get your important keywords into the headings!

  1. 5. Create good meta-descriptions and title tags.

They are the words that appear in the search results. Again, you have to make it simple for Google and the searchers to recognize what your page is about. These are the tags which decide if you or your competitors get the click, so you better make it clear and interesting!

  1. 6. Include captions and/or alt tags, if your using pictures.

Pictures can always help your page to look more attractive and exciting. Unfortunately, Google has no idea what’s in the picture, unless you describe it. Make use of captions and alt tags to help Google understand.

  1. 7. Follow the rules.

There are many deceptive ways and ‘black hat’ SEO methods out there. Stuffing your pages with unnecessary keywords, inserting hidden texts or fake pages are only a few to mention. Don’t use them! If you’re lucky, they might get you a higher ranking in the short term. In the long term, Google will find out and penalize you for using these methods. In the worst case, your page will be taken down completely. So don’t risk it!

  1. 8. Develop a good linking strategy.

The best way to get other pages to link to your site is by providing great content which is also compelling to others. Internal links are useful as well. So if you own a page about growing flowers and another page about how to grow lilies, you can link from the flower site to the lilies site, because your visitor might be interested in both! Plus, it will support your SEO. Outbound links don’t have an influence on your ranking, so don’t spend too much time on them.


On Google’s first page are only ten organic spots (or non-paid ads) and companies are competing for them every day. Make sure to follow these 8 steps to stay ahead of the search results!


Giving Google what it wants is one of our main objectives. So if you need help with any of these points, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you get on top.

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