Tips to Brand Your “About Us” Page #1

May 25, 2015

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The ‘About Us’ page is a prime feature of any website. Yet it’s also one of the most difficult aspects of a website to craft. The fact is you have to strike a balance between telling customers about yourself and not driving them away because you have become too self-focused.

Many companies report feeling awkward when writing about their achievements because they’re worried it can sound arrogant.

Start to Brand Your “About Us” Page Effectively

In short, writing this page causes headaches to many website owners. I will show you some smart tips on how to strike this balance and successfully brand your ‘About Us’ page:

1. Start with the Audience

This is so often the part of the process that many companies miss:

• We naturally care about our own problems first. • The title of the page is self-explanatory. Should we really talk about anything other than us?

Begin by making the first sentence about the audience and their problems. You’re setting your company up to wade in and provide a solution to these problems. It appeals to the reader because the tone of the page means it’s instantly about them.

You don’t have to boast about anything. State the facts. Introduce your company and explain using only facts how you can address their problems.

2. Stop Talking

client testimonials on the pageStudies show that we value the opinions of others more than we do the actual seller. It’s no surprise, then, that Amazon makes customer reviews extra visible on all products.

You might think talking about that glowing award you won is arrogant. It’s not. It says far more than you could with any amount of creative copy.

Add in some customer testimonials, as well. If you need some, ask some previous customers if they’ll write a few lines for you.

While we’re on the subject of not talking too much; keep this page short. Writing more than a few hundred words makes it difficult to hold the attention of readers.

3. Use Multimedia Content

Not everyone is able to stomach large amounts of written content. We all take in information differently. Cater to your customers with words, images, and videos.

• Words cater to those who prefer to take in information story in about us pagesthrough reading. • Images are perfect for those on devices with smaller screens. • Videos can tell your story to those with shorter attention spans.

Make your ‘About Us’ page a feast for the eyes of your readers.

4. Tell Your Story

A boring history essay of your brand isn’t going to win you any customers. It’s dull.

Any brand has a story to tell. Even if you’re working in a not-so-exciting industry, you can win a reader over if you add a human touch.

Make your story sound human. Instead of talking about ‘the company’, talk about the struggles you as the owner went through to get your business off the ground. Tell a story about what inspired you to establish your organization. Identifying with a brand breeds trust.

5. Include Genuine Contact Details

Some eCommerce owners are wary about including their actual contact details on their websites. They’re afraid of a deluge of spam mail, or even being stalked in the real world. These fears are completely unfounded.

Including a genuine address, your organization’s location; even if it’s just the general area and the country, engenders trust. Customers like to know where their money is going.

Furthermore, if you have a newsletter list you must include your address. Many US, European and Asian countries require every marketer that communicates through email newsletter must have a contact address at the bottom of every communication.

If you would like more tips on how to make your About us page you can either contact me now or wait until Friday when I will be giving you more tips for your About Us page.

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