Advantages of Increasing Hotel Direct Bookings

July 26, 2017  |   Customer Focus, Hotel Marketing, Website Development

With online travel agencies (OTA) becoming increasingly popular, especially in Bali, hotels are struggling to build more direct bookings.

The big OTA’s such as Traveloka, Agoda, and Expedia are certainly doing a good job at consolidating travel documents, with the primary purpose to only find you an available room at a hotel of your choice.

direct booking

However, here at Island Media Management, we consider direct booking for hotels and recreational centers to be crucial. With direct bookings, you are enhancing the user experience by possessing total control over communication with your future guests to increase loyalty. Let’s discover why you should consider independently placing direct bookings on your hotel’s website.

Save on commissions with direct bookings

One of your biggest goals in running an accommodation facility is to increase the number of reservations while keeping your costs for commissions at a minimum. Most booking successes are an OTA’s celebration. But with digital marketing agencies evolving every day, their efficiency, (with a high cost) is going unnoticed. OTA’s often charge hotels an average of 15 to 25% per booking. So it’s easy to conclude that traveler’s booking directly from the hotel, means they make a higher profit.

Offer personalized service

The advantage for hoteliers is to personalize their accommodation’s website and offer generous perks for booking directly. Hotels can offer warm, genuine hospitality available through phone sales, extra care, and attention – going the extra mile to tailor the best holiday experience for their guests. This pressure is especially high in Bali. Expectations are on the line and tourists often visit hotel websites for direct booking to look for a personal experience. If handled carefully, sincerely, and attentively, this will seal a stronger relationship with the guest before making their way to Bali.

This advantage offers in-depth proficiency of the hotel or recreational center and provides more flexibility when coming to choices of rooms, to modify travel plans with customer convenience, and price negotiations. You know the facility inside and out to provide the best suggestions for local restaurants and attractions and accommodation for the guest.

Implements a flow in the hotel’s operations hotel's operations - increase direct bookings

Hotel direct bookings make operations run more efficiently by increasing the overall speed of completing a booking without the risk of transaction failures.

As one of Bali’s leading digital marketing agencies, Island Media Management provides digital marketing expertise, especially in the tourism and hospitality industry. We are a reliable team of experienced, dynamic, marketing professionals ready to advise you in making smarter decisions regarding marketing and advertising.

Interested in implementing direct bookings for your hotel? What we do works! Contact us for more information about our Website Marketing services.

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