6 Habits of Highly Effective Google Ads advertisement

August 17, 2015

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Google Ads Advertisement

Google Ads advertisement is an internet advertising approach that allows business owners to reach their target audience through phrases and words searched online.

Prowess is required in using Google Ads for them to be an effective marketing strategy.

Considering advertisers are limited to 30 characters for the headline – you have 3 headlines to be filled, 90 characters on the description’s ad text – you have 2 description fields – and 30 characters for the Display URL.

Achieving the desired results can be a challenging task. Don’t worry though; your competitors are facing the same challenge.

Make an Effective Google Ads Advertisement!

To succeed in Google Ads advertising, you need to keep these six tips in mind:

Google Ads Advertisement

1. Create Compelling Ads

Your ads need to stand out. A sure way to achieve this is through proper keyword planning. It entails carefully choosing your keywords. Do research on the keywords used by your competitor and come up with something unique.

Using numbers in the keywords is a great attention grabber. Numbers create a sense of definiteness and precision. Also, you can use questions in the headline. It is a great way of qualifying your target audience.

Additionally, using ASCII characters will make your ad stand out in comparison to the use of a block of letters. Besides, thorough research into the competitors’ Google Ads will prove that few, if any, consider using ASCII characters.

Hence, using ASCII characters in your ad will give you a competitive edge.

Google Ads Advertisement

2. Remain active

Different business models require a different Google Ads advertising strategy. The only way you can find what ticks for your business is if you keep testing. Do it consistently.

Gauge the results, evaluate your goals and revise your strategy. Keep doing this until you can find an effective strategy.

Without consistency with your Google Ads, results will suffer. A lot of marketers, especially small marketers, rarely open the Google Ads accounts. For some, a whole month can elapse before opening the accounts.

Research shows that over half of Google Ads advertisers open their accounts just once quarterly. By so doing, they minimize any chance of optimizing their campaigns to reach optimal effectiveness.

It is important that you spend some time every week reviewing and optimizing your campaigns.

Google Ads Advertisement

3. Be Creative

Try and explore all the possible avenues that can be adapted to enhance the effectiveness of the Google Ads advertisement. For instance, a lot of Google Ads’ advertisers ignore the use of keywords in the display URL. Yet, using keywords on the display URLs reinforces your advert. You have 30 characters at your disposal for on the display URL, maximize on them. You just need to ensure that your domain name is correct. To achieve effectiveness, you need to plan your campaign carefully. This can be challenging, but with a bit of creativity, it is achievable. Consider the type of match type that you want to trigger your Google Ads. While a broad match allows you to reach more people, your keyword may be triggered even when other irrelevant words are added to it. Phrase match is keen on the sequence of the words. Your keyword will be triggered if the exact sequence of keywords is searched. It will also be triggered even with the addition of other words to the series of your keywords. Exact match is very precise. It triggers your keyword if only the keywords are typed in the exact order without additional words before or after it. But, Google recently made an update regarding the Exact match type that you should take into account.  

Google Ads Advertisement

4. Ensure to Include a Call to Action

Once a potential client has landed on your website, you want to encourage them to take up action. Ideally, you want to convert their click to a sale.

A call to action encourages them to take that action immediately. Ensure that every landing page has a call to action. It maximizes the chances of click conversion.

Here is a really good article from GoSquared.com about how to optimize your call-to-action button.  

5. Ensure your Google Ads are relevant

When creating a Google Ads advertisement, Quality score is the measure of the degree of relevance of your Google Ads. Google Ads with a high degree of relevance receive more audience than those without.

Keywords should be coherently used in landing pages and ad groups. Keywords should direct customers to a relevant landing page.

Consider that the home page is not necessarily the relevant landing page for a specific keyword.

For instance, if your keyword is “cut-out bandage dresses” and the ad copy says there is a 30% offer on the dresses, the landing page should not be a collection of dresses, but rather take the customer directly to the page with cut out bandage dresses on offer.

Google Ads Advertisement

6. Adapt mobile friendly Google Ads Advertisements

Integrating mobile ad extensions can increase CTR (Click-through rate) by up to 10%. Unfortunately, many Google Ads’ advertisers are missing out on this opportunity and many of them don’t know how to read CTR metrics.

Adapting mobile integration allows your audience to take action immediately. Mobile users can call in for questions, requests or clarifications. The callers are highly likely to convert to sales.

Furthermore, mobile friendly Google Ads advertisements can increase your quality score ranking.

Also, don’t forget to check that you have a mobile-responsive website.  

Keep Improving Your Google Ads advertisement!

The basic idea is to ensure that you can be able to woo your clients. Ideally, you want to minimize cost while maximizing your ability to tap into your target audience.

This calls for skillfulness in advertising using Google Ads. If you have other tips to improve Google Ads Advertisement, please let us know.

If you need the help of an expert in this area either manage Google Ads campaign or to help you find a way to increase ROI, feel free to reach out to our team. In Island Media Management, as a leading digital marketing consultant in Bali, we are able to implement this strategy while helping you construct an even stronger website for your business.

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