Google Ads (AdWords) Settings to Increase ROI

September 23, 2016  |   Marketing, Trends

Google Ads (AdWords) has been in one of the most important things to do for Digital Marketer. Talking about what it does may be an irrelevant topic as most of you may have already known this Google feature. If you have been handling your business’ Google Ads, is it possible that you have missed using these helpful things that can make a huge difference in ROI?

Why your business needs Google Ads to increase ROI


Miscalculating the conversion that you are receiving is a big no-no. Make sure that the conversion is appropriately tracked. You need to know if the money that you are spending worth the businesses that you are getting.

Google Ads doesn’t consider phone calls as business leads, having an extra tool like CallRail can help you call tracked coming through your website.

Thank you

A simple thank you means a lot. When someone submitted a contact form but doesn’t know when anybody is ever going to respond, it doesn’t look good at the customer’s perspective.

This small gesture will make them know that we value their time. Do this by creating a Thank You page after someone submits a contact form and let them know the estimated time for your response.

Ad Extension

When searching for a business in Google, make sure that your ad has an extension such as a number to call or a location that is connected to Google map.

This will help you increase click-through rate and can be a good factor to increase quality score.

Negative Keywords

When you are adding keyword to your website, for example digital marketing service, there are a lot of people out there who is also searching for this term and added the word free into it.

As our service is not free, people will bounce out of our website a lot. And if they click our website through an ad, conversion will not look good. Make sure to exclude this kind of negative keywords.

Google Ads increase your ROI

There you have it, all the essential notes that you shouldn’t miss when setting up your Google Ads and calculating your ROI.

We also create a bite-sized blog on how to calculate and increase your ROI from SEO.

If you need the help of an expert in this area either manage Google Ads campaign or to help you find a way to increase ROI, feel free to reach out to our team.

In Island Media Management, we are able to implement this strategy while helping you construct an even stronger website for your business.

We already work with many clients to help them in SEO, managing Google Ads Campaign and leveraging their Social Media through Instagram and Facebook Ads.

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