3 directions to take to magnify your brand using PPC

August 25, 2017


When you look at a North Face logo, does it make you want to go hiking? Or how about a fast food joint logo like McDonalds. Does it remind you of how hungry you are? Brands can influence an audience’s behavior outside of your purchasing requrements.

Brand exposure matters. By exposing your brand, you are leading your audience to feel and act a specific way.

As a digital marketing agency, Island Media Management makes use of branding to reach specific PPC (Pay Per Click) and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) goals. Because brand advertising through PPC is a powerful combination that can do wonders for your business.

Help audiences make the easy decision of choosing you

Simplicity is key. Most of the top brands collect their customer this way – by getting straight to the point and executing something, also known as ‘the fast fix’. Which is why getting your message out there is critical.

You may find your business’ account in an excellent condition with an advanced or complex tactic. However, people routinely make fundamental errors.

Here are a few PPC basics you should remember when you’re considering to use these tactics to make your audience choose you:

  • Adcopy Organize your site links according to your customer’s interests – and focus on conversion.
  • Use indirect brand terms- This is when people on the internet search for a service or product you have but don’t directly search for your brand. This is when keywords come into play. It functions as a map for your customers to get to you.

Show your future customers that you care

Always prepare yourself for reviews and complaints. It’s bound to happen for any business that involves customer service. Especially in Bali, where recreational centers and hotels rely on feedback in order to improve. Always send a message with your adverisement that your business is keen to do things right.

Cross channel is also something to consider. By doing this, you’re exposing your brand to a limitless community. This also greatly helps your PR and SEO development.

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Make it simple to win loyal customers

To have a lifetime customer is one of the rewarding outcomes of excellent branding. There are 2 ways to do this:

  • Remarketing Run an ad of your most popular product or service. This will keep your customers as they will constantly be looking for that particular products that has deals or a promotion. Show customers more of what they like.
  • Join in on the competition- A competitor running an ad for a new product? So should you – have new products in your plan, and be ready to adapt as your competitors and the market changes.
  • Engage with your audience- It is going the extra mile to show your, soon to be loyal, customer that you want to hear what they have to say about your product or service. This can also give your business a massive branding boost to show customers what you stand for.

These are only a few of the opportunities you can experiment with when it comes to branding with PPC. Get creative and stick to the facts and your business will continue to grow. If you’re still struggling to grasp what’s going on, don’t hesitate to contact us. Island Media Management is your leading digital marketing agency based in Bali, Indonesia.

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