3 Reasons Why B2B Digital Marketing is Different from B2C

October 5, 2015


B2B marketing has a longer buying cycle. As such, it has more complex strategies and processes. There’s also more than one person involved in making decisions. All of this is significant to how successful your content is and how fast it makes a sale for the company.

B2B vs B2C marketingUnfortunately, B2B marketers can’t rely on a single type of content when targeting an organization’s buyers. Instead, they must target all the different buyers throughout their multi-stage sales cycle, as well as across the various sales channels.

Pulling this off requires everyone to plan diligently, communicate effectively, and align themselves properly with one another. It’s also important to remember that 43% of B2B buyers say the number of people involved in the purchase decision is continually on the rise.

Finding a Way to Please Everyone

So, how can you move forward in the sales funnel while also pleasing everyone at the same time? There are actually three things you can do:

  • Simplify the journey through the sales funnel
  • Create great buyer personas so you can effectively communicate with each of them
  • Have clear timelines while managing the cross-channel distribution process

Simplifying the Journey

The B2B buyer’s journey is complex because there are so many people involved who don’t communicate clearly or who don’t agree with one another’s decisions. When this occurs, it’s easy to create confusing documentation, but this only gives you mixed results and wasted time, as well as resources.

Moving a lead through the sales pipeline requires more than one person. In order to make this effective and less frustrating, you must define and agree on what the different stages throughout the sale will look like. You must document this information.

Cohesive, ongoing teamwork provides a consistent strategy that will move you past any difficulties. This also helps create a more effective journey down the sales funnel for your buyer.

Creating Great Personas

Marketing persona sample formAs a B2B marketer, you must also remember to address the different personas involved in making a sale. Remember, each of these personas has different needs, wants, and desires. Each persona also joins in at a different point. This is why you must clearly define everything if you want the sales pipeline to continue moving forward.

Creating content that addresses the problems associated with each persona at the various points throughout the sales cycle requires everyone’s input. You must gather information from the customer service team to craft content for the different buyer personas and create a clear journey. Document everything for future reference.

Developing Clear Timelines

Even if you’re a savvy, highly experienced B2B marketer it’s still quite a challenge to integrate and coordinate everything that’s involved in marketing (e.g. automation, CMS, CRM, social media). The content life cycle oftentimes feels as though it will never end.

Add to this the fact that most marketers publish new content every week (according to the Content Marketing Institute) and you have even more planning and organization to do.

This is why it’s so important to clearly define what channels you’ll use to distribute your content (e.g. email, blogging, paid advertising, social media). If any of these are a big process, make sure to break it down and map it out clearly, keeping all the various buyer personas in mind as you do so.

Fortunately, there are a lot of marketing tools available to track your content and its campaigns. This helps you see what is and is not successful vs. how much effort you exerted to get those results.

Finally, remember that even though there are definitely some prevalent challenges within B2B marketing, you can turn them into a smooth journey for your buyer and increase your sales.

Keep Improving Your Your Digital Marketing

By making your B2B digital marketing strategies effectively you can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your digital marketing. As the B2B is different from B2C, so we need to use different approach accordingly. Keep improving your digital market by maximize your SEO, Social Media, and take benefit of PPC campaigns.

If you have any other idea, share with us and if you have any question we will be happy to help you.

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