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June 16, 2014  |   Our Design Projects

Bali Hai Cruises is one of the island’s best known brands. It is widely regarded as Indonesia’s largest marine tourism company, providing top-quality day trips to well over 100,000 passengers per year. A company with Bali Hai Cruises’ reputation and huge market reach demands a high quality ecommerce web solution. That’s why they got in touch with our team here at Island Media Management

The state of things

old BHC website
Here’s the old Bali Hai Cruises website in Drupal 6.

When we were originally contacted by Bali Hai Cruises’ general manager, we had a quick review of the site. It was clear that the site design and architecture were outdated. The dark theme of the site didn’t represent the company’s services which are all “sand and sun.” Furthermore, the website was built on the already-discontinued Drupal 6 content management system by a previous Bali online marketing company that is now defunct. Despite achieving decent search rankings for some of their major search terms, inquiries coming from the site were low due to 1) its lack of a cohesive design and, 2) its lack of a conversion focus and consistent calls to action.

Assigned design objectives

BHC company brochure design
BHC asked us to align their site with their company-wide branding standards.

In our initial talks with the general manager at BHC, he shared with us his vision of making the website a key component of the company’s marketing strategy. He assigned the following goals for us:
1. Align the visual design of the site with the company’s overall branding scheme
2. Increase the inquiries coming to from the website
3. Implement an online booking system for direct bookings from the website
4. Preserve and increase rankings for currently performing search terms
5. Increase reach for new keywords
6. Publish the site in English, Russian and Japanese, with compatibility to add Indonesian and Chinese in the future.

The design outcome

Final web design for BHC.
Final design, aligned with company branding, as approved by BHC.

Our design team was able to meet the branding objectives assigned by Bali Hai Cruises. We updated the visual layout and designed the website based on a modern WordPress Multisite architecture. This allows the BHC’s multilingual editors to easily access and manage their assigned sections of the site. Our team performed a complete SEO assessment and realignment of the website to bring it up to current standards.
1. Design meets company branding standards
2. Direct calls to action for easy contact
3. Integrated online booking engine
4. All highly-performing search results retained or increased
5. New keyword penetration is ongoing
6. WP multisite used for easy management and scalability

Customer feedback

“As one of Bali’s leading tourism companies, we understand how important it is to have a successful web presence. However, in the past years we have had a tough time finding a professional development company who could combine good web design with a sound commercial foundation. A website is far more than a static, pretty looking page, it’s a portal into your company, an ambassador for your brand, and of course a direct source of sales.

Finally we have someone who understands our needs as a business, and that is Island Media Management. Their attention to detail, client responsiveness, and technical understanding of web development surpasses any service we have used to date. At last there is a company with world-class quality on our doorstep here in Bali. Highly recommended.” – Andrew Sutherland, General Manager, Bali Hai Cruises.

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