Is your Bali SEO company working for you – Part 3

February 9, 2014  |   SEO, Social Media

It’s part three of my series about whether your SEO company is really doing a good job for you. Companies pay a lot of money to hire Bali SEO companies so don’t you think it is a good idea if you know how to do a few simple checks?  After all,  a good SEO company will want to be transparent with their clients.

What is good SEO?

Google is the giant when it comes to search engines so it makes sense that any of your web properties would want to follow the Google guidelines when it comes to SEO best practices.  These guidelines are easy to find online, yep, by doing a Google search.

Too lay to do the search?  You can always use this link – Google SEO Starter Guidelines

Back Link Profiles

Now this one is a little more difficult for business owners to find information about but there are tools out there online that will help you look at your back link profile.  Certainly, if you ask your SEO company they should provide you with the data you ask for.  If not, you can always ask us and we will send you a free analysis of your back link profile.

Backlink profile is important for good SEO. Make sure your SEO company develops your backlink profile.
Poor Trust Flow, Citation and only a handful of links – not a good sign!

I am going to use a previous example to show you a poor example of a back link profile.  This company came to us and asked if we could help them with their SEO as they were not sure if their current SEO company was performing well for them.

Step 1 – we did a back link analysis using some sophisticated tools. What we can see straight away is that we have a number of issues:

a. Only a handful of links

b. Poor Trust Flow – a weighted measure based on the number of clicks coming to the site.

c. Poor Citations – a weighted measure based on the number of citations coming to the site.

You would want any Bali based SEO company to help you develop a strong back link profile as this is probably one of the most important aspects when thinking about tanking well in Google.

Step 2 – The next step was to take a peek at how the back links were developed.  We can see in the image below that the back link acquisition process has not been consistent.  Google SEO guidelines do tell us that a good quality website would naturally acquire back links over time and so we would expect to see that in the graph below.

A sustained back link process with good quality links is crucial for any SEO company to deliver results.






Step 3 – the next phase was for us to have a quick look at the anchor text for the links coming into the site.

Does your SEO company work on the anchor text linking to your site?
Anchor text should be more varied than this.

The Google SEO guidelines tell us that the anchor text should be diverse and spread amongst the company name, the web url and a host of prominent key words related to your site.

If we look in our example here we can clearly see that the back link anchor text is not diverse enough, something that is a good sign that work needs to be done to improve this websites ranking.


What’s the deal with your Bali SEO Company?

We can conclude a few things here:

1. Poor quality links coming to the site.

2. Low volume of links coming to the site.

3. Inconsistent link building.

4. Poor use of anchor text for the links coming in.

So we ask the question once again – Does this company get what they are paying for from their Bali SEO company?  As the last post in this series I will let you answer that question……it shouldn’t be too hard!

If you would like us to review your SEO companies work then you can always contact us for a free review.  Our reviews are clear and transparent and may make the difference between success or failure of your business.

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