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October 24, 2013

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One thing I notice daily is more and more Bali website design, SEO and Social Media companies popping up.  It is great for consumers to have more and more options but it can also be more challenging when it comes to choosing which one will be right for you.  After all, designing a website is not the easiest or cheapest of things to do.

Bali Website Design company Island Media Management focuses on conversion, SEO and return on your investment.
Don’t make a mess of your website design, it can be hard to clean up!

So what sort of things do you need to think about so that you don’t dive head first into a mess you cant wash off?


Design and User Experience

Any website that you design needs to look good!   Our website is normally one of the first sights that people get to see of our company so it is important to get the image correct from the word go.

Unfortunately I see too many websites that look very nice to start with but have no clue when it comes to the user experience.  Customers want a website design that allows them to easily get to the information they are looking for.  I don’t want to have to click through multiple pages to find a price list hidden deep inside the site…come on people, the user experience of the site is critical!


Conversion and SEO Focus

Ask one question to yourself – “Why do I have a website?”

If you are looking to make money from your website then you need to think about how potential customers coming to your site will convert into paying customers.  That’s what conversion is all about. It sounds simple yet too many people struggle with conversion. If I had to give three ways to improve conversion then they would be:

– Be clear with what you are offering

– Make it easy for your users to get what they want

– Make the experience one they will remember, and want to return to again and again

SEO is also an important step in developing any new website.  Why would you make a website that is not built to rank well in the search engines?  The most beautiful site that cannot be found in Google is pointless – SEO your site!


How to Choose a Bali Website Design Firm

If you are a Bali based business then you have multiple benefits to choosing a company like Island Media Management to design your website.

– Our professional team are accessible for consultations, face to face talks about how the site can developed and generally just there for you when you need someone to talk too, although we are not marriage counsellors! Yet.

– As business leaders in Bali for many years we understand our clients from a business perspective.  We know that your clients are very important to you, yet we also understand that you need a good return on your investment.

– Many of our clients have commented on how our knowledge of local business practices in Bali has helped them with new ideas for their businesses.  Our marketing background allows us to add an edge to our service that other Bali website designers cannot offer.


Island Media Management

At Island Media Management we create and design websites with your business needs in mind.  We understand how businesses work in Bali & Indonesia and can provide you with a much better return on your investment.  If you are a Bali based business then we are happy to come by and meet you face to face to discuss your Bali website design needs.  You can contact us any time.


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