Bali Website Design: How to choose your service provider

December 22, 2018

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Designing a new website is like renovating a house; fraught with excitement and creative ideas. Choose the right service provider for your Bali Website Design to ensure your new website is launched on time and that the process is a fun and enjoyable experience!

Top tips for choosing the right service provider for your website design project in Bali :

Bali Website Design: How to choose your service provider


Find a team you can easily communicate with. This is key to a successful website development project. It’s important that your website design team understand what you want and how to implement it – it’s also crucial for us to use our expertise in providing you with quality website suggestions that will improve user experience and conversions on your website.

  Bali Website Design: Pelan Pelan Bali Website

Experienced team in Bali website design

Find a design team who have experience in beautiful designs that align with international standards. Especially with regards to user experience and search engine rankings. Too often, we see clients with beautiful looking websites that don’t convert or perform well with search engines. It is vital for your customers to be able to find you easily.

Bali Website Design: Updating your website

Ownership and management of your website

Ask about updates to your website post launch. Are you able to make text and image updates yourself? Here at Island Media Management we feel it is crucial for clients to maintain control of their domain, hosting and website management. Don’t get tied into a service provider who will require you to use their services for updates you could easily manage yourself.

Bali Website Design: own your own website

Post launch website support

As with a new home; new websites can have teething issues. Ask about what support is included from your website design team. Island Media Management offer comprehensive support for our new website launches. We ensure that your new site will perform as expected; taking the stress of a new website off of your hands.

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