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June 1, 2013

Website Development

How to get a website designed in Bali

If you are an established Bali based business then chances are you have your own website. However, for many new and smaller businesses in Bali you will need to get a website established in order to help develop your business.  Can you think of any successful company that doesn’t have a quality website design?

Why choose a website design company based in Bali

Bali Website Design from Island Media Management
Bali Website Design doesn’t need to be hit or miss.

As a Bali based company looking to create, or renovate, your website it is really useful if you have a web developer who understands the nature of your business.  Bali is a unique location and so it is important to have a team of website developers, who have lived here, understands the culture and nature of the clients that you are looking to target.  You will want to ensure that your website gives the right feel for your clients allowing you to maximize conversions.

What should your website company do for you?

First of all you will want to sit down with your web designers and clearly explain what you are looking for.  Highlighting your goals at the start is vital to the sites success.  Are you looking to have a travel related site, are you a hotel or villa, perhaps you are looking to export your goods abroad.  It will be important to get the right setup for your site.

You will require your website team to create a website that has a strong CMS (content management system) in place that will allow for easy updates and upgrades to the system. There are many systems out there such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and many more although by far my favourite is WordPress.

Right at the beginning of building any website there must be an SEO focus.  Many people believe that SEO starts when the site is already created.  The only true way to achieve great rankings is to start thinking about SEO from the word go.

Conversion is also vitally important.  Any good website designer will focus on getting people coming to your site converted into real sales.

Bali Website Design – What should it cost & how long does it take?

You could source a hundred different quotes to build a website in Bali yet what do you really need to know?  For sure, cost will depend a lot on the size of the site and how much input you will put in.  If you are prepared to write your own content then this may save you some money.  Content writing is a big part of any website so you will need to ensure that your website is well written.  I see too many English websites with terrible spelling and grammar.

When it comes to cost you need to think more about return on your investment.  A well designed site can bring in a lot of revenue for you whilst a poor site can languish in the bottom of search engine results meaning no one ever sees your site.

A website can take as little as a month to build although for larger sites it could take multiple months.  At Island Media Management we do this professionally, so you can always contact us for a free quotation.  We are focused on bringing our fellow Bali-based businesses to the forefront of website design.

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