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April 12, 2017

Mobile Friendly
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Every internet marketer and successful business owner know that the number of internet users on mobile devices is increasing fast. Mobile internet traffic has already surpassed desktop traffic. Statistics show that  80% of internet users in the U.S. are searching for products via their mobile devices and according to AdWeek, more than 35% check their devices more than 50 times a day.

Leveraging Mobile Website Design

A study by VentureBeat shows that 50% of adults shop on smartphones even when browsing in a store. According to Cisco, mobile data traffic grew by 50% in 2015 while a study by InMobi estimates that 60% of all internet traffic is mobile. All these numbers highlight the importance of a mobile-friendly web design if your business is to capitalize on this platform.

Just how important is a mobile-friendly website? Well, Adobe says 38% of internet users will stop engaging with a website if the layout is not compatible with their mobile devices. SurveyMonkey shows 40% of internet users turn away from any website that is not mobile-friendly. Based on all these statistics, businesses are now more than ever focusing on building delightful and friendly mobile website experiences and you could be one of them too.

Crème de la Crème of Mobile Web Design

It all starts with an impressive mobile website design. When designing your website, or to improve user mobile experience, check out the list of companies below that can inspire you:

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  • Google Maps – While there are many maps and navigation applications available in the market today, Google Maps remains undisputedly the best and the top favorite among millions. Its mobile web design, speed, and functionality closely resemble its equally impressive downloadable application; major plus points for millions of users.
  • Etsy – This is a Mecca for anyone interested in vintage and handmade items. Whether you are searching for a specific item or a category, the website’s design makes it easy to navigate with trending items presented in large images, making it easier to tap.
  • BuzzFeed – This is one of the top sources of entertainment information, especially for those on the go. The site gives a smooth user experience for mobile users. A collage format is used to present content which makes it easier to tap and go to specific categories or new items.
  • Huffington Post – This is one of the most prolific news outlets for internet users. From politics to entertainment and everything between, you have it all on one platform. Its mobile website is fantastic because headlines are altered to make it easier to scan content when using small screens. There is a deliberate effort to improve the user experience by minimizing words on the homepage and optimizing headlines for small screens.
  • Shutterfly – This platform allows you how to create personalized cards and stationery, photo books and much more. The mobile website version is optimized for small screens by making it easier to find information on new offers and makes such content beautiful and catchy.

Other great mobile websites worth mentioning include EverNote, Typeform, KISSmetrics, Express, Squaredot and idig Marketing among others. All these websites offer great user experience for mobile users.

After looking through all the above tips and website examples, you would probably already know how you would like your own mobile website to look like. Next, is to find a capable and credible designer to do it all for you. Your best bet would be Island Media Management, based in Bali, Indonesia.

Island Media Management not only designs websites and mobile websites; the company leverages on optimization and SEO to ensure that each client receives a hefty ROI from their initial investment. Find out how and get more information now. Contact Island Media Management today and meanwhile, do feel free to take a look at its previous work here.

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