Get a Better LinkedIn Profile in 2017 with These Steps

May 24, 2017

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LinkedIn has come of age as the go-to professional social media network. With over 433 million registered users, this is one platform where you need to be noticed. Each month, 106 million users visit LinkedIn and 2 members join per second. If you are looking for the best way to build your personal brand, LinkedIn has it all for you.

LinkedIn for building personal brand

However, most professionals don’t leverage the opportunities that this platform offers. Most people have an account but their profiles are nothing to write home about. Your LinkedIn profile page is a great tool upon which your personal branding campaign rests. LinkedIn has now been redesigned for 2017, making it even more of a personal marketing platform than before.

To get more out of your LinkedIn account, here are some tweaks to your profile that will help you:

  • The right picture: Your picture determines first impressions for anyone who checks your account. Make sure you have a recent photo with smiling eyes. Your face should take up 60% of the photo and wear something official.
  • Add a background photo: This helps to ground your profile by showing more about yourself. It grabs people’s attention and gives insight on what matters to you. It helps your page stand out and also sticks to the mind of visitors.
  • Use a creative headline: Avoid using a job description as your headline. Say more about your role, your motivation in doing what you do and why you stand out from others.
  • Have a LinkedIn summary and turn to your story: This is a perfect to tell your story, not just about your skills. It should show the reasons your skills matter or the value they can add to the lives of others. This is a crucial part of your personal branding effort on LinkedIn.
  • Avoid buzzwords: LinkedIn has a list of the most overused buzzwords, such as expert, creative, specialised, and focused among others. Try to avoid these and instead show practically what you are about rather than describing it.
  • Build your network: Start by synching up your profile with your official email address book. This allows you to connect with relevant people. You should also follow up LinkedIn conversations and official meetings with LinkedIn connection requests.
  • Include all relevant skills: The skills you include help you substantiate information on your heading and summary. However, only focus on core skills that can inspire others to endorse you.

There are many other LinkedIn strategies to use in 2017 in order to build a better profile. Endorse others, request recommendations, share information about your business, add comments to your shares, follow relevant influencers and publish long-form content to start conversations.

How to Manage Your LinkedIn Account

Manage your LinkedIn account

LinkedIn is one of many social media platform that we manage here in Island Media Management. Well-known as a go-to professional social media network, you need to make sure that the content you put on your LinkedIn and the way you engage with your audience in LinkedIn are professional. As a professional digital marketing agency, Island Media Management can help you manage your LinkedIn account professionally. Send us an email or drop us a call to arrange a consultation appointment.

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