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August 16, 2017  |   Digital Marketing, SEO

One of the most common obstacles we encounter is finding the right blog topics to boost SEO and at the same time create an informative post.

In the article this week, we will run through how to brainstorm blog topics, how to create unique ones, find out if your blog topics are accomplishing your business’ goals, and how to not run out of ideas.

Blogs are a necessity when it comes to SEO. At Island Media Management, we’re constantly on the hunt of new blog topics each month that are helpful, as well as play a big a role in our SEO services. Here are some approaches we take to coming up with a blog topic:

Blog goals

Blog goals mean that you have to find out the purpose of each individual blog. This may be because you want:

  • To attract a particular audience
  • A high rank in search engines – With publishing meaningful blogs, you’re growing authority and authenticity for your website.
  • To persuade your new found audience to convert – Whether you’re an e-commerce website looking for buyers, need your audience to sign up for a newsletter, potentially taking a free trial of a package, whatever it is, you want some form of action.

blog topics

What should an individual post do?

  • Help readers accomplish their own goal with your blog post – If I’m planning to adopt a puppy but lack in experience of how to take care of one, the most obvious action to take is look it up on the internet. If you’ve written down a blog post revolving around that topic and have numerous suggestions to offer, it is only natural for your audience to take your advice and make a decision.
  • Create your blog post in a way to inform or entertain them – Being informative is great! It’s what’s needed for a search engine to validate your website. However, if you combine an entertaining side to your blog post, the audience may stick on your page longer and look forward to more of your blog posts.
  • Rank high – In order for you to earn those desired high search rankings, create content that is designed to be shared and understood by a bigger community. This way, you’ll be reaching out to major influencers that will be reaching out to their supporters.
  • Don’t neglect the brand! – Designing your blogs and staying on brand can appeal to people by thinking your business is consistent. Even if it’s just a touch of your business’ brand on your blog post, it promotes customer loyalty, trust and likeability.

Paths to take for extraordinary blog topics

  • Relating a personal experience or passion in a resonant way – Especially if you’re a personal blogger, this is very useful because you’re constantly producing original content. From that experience, you can craft a compelling story and an attention grabbing headline. With every blog article, you’re constantly inspiring people further to connect with your business’ brand.
  • Covering a topic that is booming in your field of business or trending – Amplifying a topic that people are already talking about is approaching to an audience that’s not only yours. Depending on your business, you may be approaching other people’s audiences that are in the same industry as you.
  • Keyword research – The traditional way of coming up with blog topics is to base it off on pure keyword research. You could use this research data to find related topics that people are looking for at the moment on the internet. So if you’re using these keywords, your blog post will result in the first few pages of a search engine.


  • Take into account other things your audience cares about – For example, if you’re a running a business revolving around fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and DIY’s, it takes a beautiful combination of imagery and text that allows your audience to discover more of your brand. Find topics that compliment your product or service.

Island Media Management is a digital marketing company based in Bali, Indonesia. Being on an island that depends heavily on tourism, we can provide services that enhance business in the hospitality and tourism sector. Whether you are approaching an international market or a local one, we’ve got you covered. We pride ourselves in excellent marketing strategies, so if you’ve been looking for a reliable digital marketing partner to help you improve and grow your business, make us your number one choice!

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