In today’s technological world, most people will turn to the internet to find great places to eat in their local area or in new towns and cities when they travel. Most restaurant and bar owners know this and have taken to displaying pictures of the drinks list and food menus, location as well as the times when they are open on their websites. However, this is not enough. Your website needs to be alive, all the time! Your website needs to have a movement that  search engines can track.Why Blogging Can Benefit Your Restaurant and Bar – Part I


1st 2 Essential Benefits: SEO & Reviews

Many restaurant and bar owners object to the idea of a blog because they do not understand the benefits of having one. However, it is quite clear that they are interested in knowing how they can attract more clients to their establishments using a blog. Here are seven reasons why you need to make sure that you add a blog to the website you have in place:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The whole idea behind SEO is to have your website ranked in the top three spots in the Google results page. Getting to that first page of Google is dependent on several factors, one being the number of pages you have on your website. The more the pages, the better your chances. If the website you have is a static site with static content, you are already at a great disadvantage. By adding fresh content that includes images of happy customers, the cocktails you serve, the food and such information to your blog, you will not only increase traffic to your site, but also make it more dynamic and more likely to appear on Google’s first results page.


As more and more people visit your restaurant or bar, and your website, you will begin to get more reviews. Having a blog will increase the traffic or visits to your site and this will increase the number of reviews. Adding a Yelp review, Tripadvisor form, or a simple link in the side bar will make it easy for visitors to write up reviews. You can also create a blog asking people to type a review and link that review back to the website.

Why Blogging Can Benefit Your Restaurant and Bar – Part I

More Reasons Why Blogging..

So what do you think about these first two benefits of blogging for your restaurant or bar website? Do you find it interesting, or do you find it difficult? Please let us know your  opinion by commenting below, and don’t forget that we will share more of the benefits on Monday, so stay tuned on this blog.

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