Why Blogging Can Benefit Your Restaurant and Bar – Part II

March 14, 2016  |   Blogging, Digital Marketing, Marketing, SEO

There are just a handful of owners who have added a blog to their website to build a reputation in the community where they operate, as well as promote the food and drinks that they offer. This is an opportunity that most owners are missing considering that most people are now using the internet to find where they can eat and to read reviews of bars and restaurants that they hope to visit.

Oftentimes, you will find industry blogs with content about the various restaurants and bars, but owners are not using blogs to tell their potential patrons more about what they have to offer.

5 Other Great Benefits of Having a Blog

Besides SEO and review benefits that we have talked on the last article, here are five more great benefits you need to consider to put some efforts on blogging:

Social Media

Adding social media sharing buttons to every blog that you publish is one of the best things you can do. Since the restaurant and bar businesses tends to be socially interactive, this is just perfect. The buttons make it easy for your reader to share the post onto their personal network, which in turn increases your traffic, builds the brand and goes a long way in generating exposure and bringing more clients to your establishment.

Shareable Content

Sports Updates

If the restaurant you run has a bar, you probably show sports as well. Keeping your clients updated on the sports guide is a great idea. You will be surprised to find that you will attract regular clients due to this simply because you will inform them of what will be on and when it will be on. When you have sports showing, you will attract people who come to the bar alone whereas it would not be easy to spot lone customers on a regular day. Those who come to your establishment to watch sports will often drink and also eat prior to leaving, or get some take out.

Guest Blogging

This is a fantastic way to get user generated content at no cost. Post some guidelines on submissions and then create a link that will allow your guests to write a post about their experiences at your restaurant or a related topic.

Content that offers practical valueContent that offers practical value


An e-newsletter is a fantastic way to keep that connection with the customers alive. You can send one out on a weekly basis. It will have links to your website and social media pages, creating an even bigger following on social media. Use the newsletter to let your customer know if you have made any changes to the menu, special dishes for the week and any events that may be coming up. By adding a customer feedback link, you will get information about what they think about your establishment and the food you have to offer.


You will find that businesses that are industry leaders are known to educate those who are in the same field. You too can use your blog to educate others in your industry and thus establish yourself as an industry leader. Your customers will be impressed and your reputation will increase.

SEO Tips Business needs a Blog

Attractive Content

Adding more content to your website will also grow the following on your social media pages, converting more blog subscribers and leading more customers to your establishment. In addition, you will build the relationship you have with your current customers as you keep them informed and build your brand.

Experience the hard way in blogging? We will make it easy for you. Let us know here by commenting, or contact us directly through this link. Enjoy that blogging!

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