Blogging is Important for your Business

February 15, 2017  |   Marketing, SEO

Many people know that blogging is important for their business, yet not many understand that part of the secret to blogging is to provide fresh content on a regular basis. Some people understand the importance of blogging as such, they spend so much time making sure that each post is perfect that they end up not publishing as often as they should. Content is most definitely important, however, the frequency of posts is also equally important. Here are a few reasons why blogging consistently is important:


  • Rankings – When it comes to SEO page rankings, updated, frequent and fresh content plays a big role. Whenever you post, Google as well as other search engines register that and they then note that your site updates the information in it quite frequently. Because of this, the search engines will crawl the site more frequently. This means that your site will get more weight and get boosted in the rankings because of this. In addition to this, other factors that will be taken into consideration include link building. When reputable sites link to your website or blog, then search engines consider your page an information source that is credible.
  • Keywords – You are ranked based on particular keywords and when you blog frequently, the keywords for which you are ranked tend to increase. Depending on the products or services that you offer, you can have each blog or page dedicated to a particular page and the related keywords. On the next blog, you can write about a different product or service and use another set of keywords. By doing this, you will increase the number of keywords related to the business you do and will therefore increase the chances of being found by various potential customers.
  • Leverage Social Media – most people use a wide variety of avenues to promote their business. Not only do they have a blog, they also tend to have social media accounts where they have to ensure that they have posted regular content. There are times when coming up with new social media content is an uphill task, but with regular blog posts, you can simply share those on your social media pages.
  • What Your Readers Expect – Since most blog pages offer your readers an opportunity to follow your blog so that they get any updates, you are able to engage them and nurture the relationship. Additionally, you are able to consistently provide them with fresh content, which is what they expect as they sign up to receive updates from you.

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