With a lot of experience in scuba diving, various global awards, and a lot of positive comments, Blue Season Bali has always the perfect solution for people wanting to go scuba diving in Bali. As a large dive business in Bali, Blue Season Bali needs to stay up to date and so they got in touch with our team here at Island Media Management in order to freshen up their website design.

Blue Season Bali Diving old website designThe old Website Design

When we were originally contacted by Blue Season Bali, we had a quick review of the site and noticed that it was quite a beast of a website, with thousands upon thousands of pages. It was clear that the website design and architecture were outdated and in need of streamlining. The style of the website had not been changed for some time and we knew that the new website must have a focus on the cool scuba diving images that Blue Season Bali possessed. The website was built on on pho and did not have a CMS in place making it difficult for the client to update.

Keeping the spirit of Blue Season Bali

In our initial talks with the general manager at BSB, he shared with us his vision of making the website a key component of the company’s marketing strategy. He assigned the following goals for us:
1. Align the visual design of the site with the company’s overall branding scheme.
2. Increase the inquiries coming to from the website.
blue season bali website design 3. Implement an online booking system for direct bookings from the website.
4. Preserve and increase rankings for currently performing search terms.
5. Increase reach for new keywords.
6. Publish the site in English, Russian and Japanese, with compatibility to add Indonesian and Chinese in the future.

The design outcome

Our design team was able to meet the branding objectives assigned by Blue Season Bali. We updated the visual layout and designed the website based on a modern WordPress Multisite architecture. This allows the BSB’s multilingual editors to easily access and manage their assigned sections of the site. Our team performed a complete SEO assessment and realignment of the website to bring it up to current standards.

1. Design meets company branding standards
2. Direct calls to action for easy contact
3. Integrated online booking engine
4. All highly-performing search results retained or increased
5. New keyword penetration is ongoing
6. WP multisite used for easy management and scalability

You can have a look at the Blue Season Bali website here http://www.baliocean.com/ 

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