An integral part of the branding cycle is Brand implementation. Island Media Management can assist you with brand implementation and the consistent application of the brand message.

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Marketing &

Brand Implementation

How you market and communicate your brand is crucial to its success in today’s highly competitive markets. As the guardians of your brand, it's our task to make sure that everything you do reflects your brand strategy. That’s why we develop a Marketing and Communications Strategy to ensure the way your brand is expressed is true to our original intent. It defines your visual style and tone of voice for each of your key customers groups or segments.

Market Segmentation: Identifying your most attractive segments and clarifying the offering by segment.
Marketing Plan (covering the complete Marketing Mix)
Communications Matrix: Strategic Overview of Communications so that target the right messages to the right audience. This is a matrix of the brand’s communications options allocated over 12 months.
Strategic Brand identity development: This ensures you brand is visually stunning - in keeping with its market positioning. Includes visual brand use and application guidelines for use by sign writers, printers, ad agency etc.

Brand Experience

Brand Implementation

Think about your current brand experience at each of your customer touch points. What does it say about you? Does it enhance your brand or detract from it? Examine your Brand Experience holistically. It includes both the traditional components such as its brand identity and packaging as well as the design of products and services themselves, as well as retail and service environments and front-line service encounters.

Delivering service that encapsulates the spirit of the brand is fundamental to creating the right Brand Experience. We work with you define your Brand Experience and create your Signature Service Style successfully uniting all the expressions of your brand.

Brand Engagement

Brand Implementation

Staff Brand Engagement - Brand Storytelling It’s essential to fully engage your people in the delivery of your brand. Unless all your people know what it stands for and how to portray it, you are realising a fraction of its true potential. We will convert your strategy into a story that encapsulates what your brand stands for and inspires your people about its future. Everyone can contribute their own ideas about how to make your Brand Story a reality and then put them into practice. By enrolling key members of your team as storytellers the story is both credible to the audience and cost-effective to cascade. A storytellers’ kit is produced and we recruit and train the storytellers.

Your people will, quite literally, live your brand!

Our programme includes materials for cascading and two cascading sessions (assuming one location) as well as a Brand Spirit Book for all staff. Brand Spirit Guide: This explains the brand in terms that matter to staff – it includes the things they need to know most.

Brand Alignment

Brand Implementation

Brand Alignment: This usually takes the form of a half-day Brand Alignment workshop to ensure your systems and procedures fully support the brand. It’s vital that all your ‘back of house’ systems and procedures support the successful delivery of your brand. Align your whole organisation behind what your brand stands for. The brand (and brand thinking) becomes embedded in the organisation and you are able to deliver on your Brand Promise (it takes the whole organisation to do this).

Our unique, tried and tested system of workshops and tools help Involve all functional areas in contributing towards the successful delivery of your brand promise. Remember, there are vast untapped rewards in encouraging every part of your organisation to support the successful delivery of your brand promise.

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