Building a strong content strategy for strong content marketing

March 19, 2018  |   Marketing

As leaders in digital marketing, we have well acknowledged that content marketing is nothing without content strategy.

It would be like a wheel-less boat, floating aimlessly on the internet.

With content strategy, we guarantee your boat won’t just float – it’ll sail. Our team at Island Media Management will help you strategise effectively and efficiently. The time and energy spent plotting the right action plan will keep your ship smooth sailing.

content strategy for strong content marketing

Here’s how our services can help you achieve that.

  • Putting your unique flag up high. Understanding your brand as an entity will ease the strategising process for both you as a business and us as an agency. You have to identify what makes you different and own up to it. The initial process stems out to a) differentiating yourself b) have a clear idea of your goals.So what sets your business apart from your competitors? Outlining your standout qualities in such a clear manner will kick start your entire content strategy, as well as give it directions.Goal-setting is vital for measuring ROI. Set a firm goal and we’ll make sure measurable, quantifiable success comes after it.
  • Narrowing down your audience. If you haven’t already, targeting your audience as niche as possible is a good start. It’s nearly impossible for a brand to reach every type of demographic. We’ll cover the types of people who want, need, or are actively seeking your products or services. The better grasp we have of your audience, the better we can reach them. There is a number of fundamental boxes to tick off to nail this process, for instance, their pain points (i.e. the issues they are facing that your business could potentially solve).It’s essential to pin this down as intimately as possible because customers like relatability. Once we understand our targets, we can create content accordingly to reach them effectively. For example, tailoring the tone of voice to first-time parents who are looking for the best formula for their newborn. This also includes establishing their identity, such as education and income background.
  • Commencing the actual reach out. As a Google Partner and team of SEO experts, we strategically approach this process through targeting long-tail keywords in the content. Keyword research is a large part of what we do to tap into how your audience is searching for a topic. We stay knowledgeable in your industry by keeping up with the trend through social media discussions.
  • Pinpointing your content cores. To support your content creation, you have to decide where you want us to build your content, the types of content to produce, and the regularity of content publishing. Then we’ll generate and develop your content ship. We advise you to focus on a few types of content you want us to build and we’ll commit to a consistent publishing schedule of high quality content to earn better rewards in the long run.
  • The last step is propelling your content forward and this can easily be done by effective promotion. The rest will snowball.

Island Media Management is a team of digital marketing experts. Work with us and let us help you grow your business. What we do works. Get in touch now.

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