Buying Facebook likes: an advantage or disadvantage for your hotel? (Part 2)

December 8, 2017  |   Social Media

Welcome back to running through the benefits and downfalls of purchasing Facebook Likes for your hotel business!

On our first part of the blog, we discussed the first approach to this unethical strategy. If you haven’t caught up, you can find the link to part one of the blog here. Before we go ahead, we would like our loyal readers to keep in mind as Bali’s fastest growing digital marketing agency, Island Media Management runs on creative minds and accurate data collection. Our marketing strategies are proven effective for small and big businesses without the ‘dirty work’.


Approach #2: Running Facebook campaigns for new likes

This approach is run through the official Facebook Ads platform, meaning it is a more legitimate way of acquiring “Likes” for your page. This is one of the methods that can be effective.

The idea of a Facebook Advertising campaign driving “Likes” to your page sounds like a great result. But despite a potential short-term boost in fans, the long-term value of this strategy doesn’t always stack up. In our point of view, as digital marketers, investing into fan acquisition isn’t necessarily the smartest way of using your marketing budget - this is because there is no guarantee these new fans will interact with your page or engage in your hotel. At the end of the day, you could be investing in a lot of money for what could be a cosmetic metric.

If you’re considering this route, the better strategy would be to focus on getting organic and genuine fans and prospects for your page. They come in followers that legitimately want to stop scrolling to read and engage with your business. They could be past guests that have been to your hotel and enjoyed their stay, or interested scrollers who have been dreaming to visit your holiday destination.

The more your page have engaged followers, the higher return on any future marketing Facebook Advertising campaigns you will run.

Buying likes or investing in a huge marketing budget in order to gain social approval from Facebook is not necessary. Instead, try posting relevant, informative, creative, and enticing content that taps into the needs and desires of your targeted guests. While the methods we have mentioned in the last two articles won’t bring you a wealth of new “Likes” or “Followers” overnight, at Island Media Management we believe continued investment in a variety of cost-effective strategies is the beginning to a sensible and long-term approach for social media success. For more information about our social media management services, check out this link!

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