Level Up Your Brand on TikTok Ads with Island Media

TikTok Ads Level Up Your Brand

Are you wondering if TikTok Ads are a good choice for your business?

LinkedIn Ads To Target Professional Audience with Island Media

Target Your Potential Customers With LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network with 810 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Island Media - Google Ads Verification Program 2022

All You Need To Know: New Google Ads Verification 2022

In 2022, Google has required certain advertisers to undergo a verification program to ensure a safe and trustworthy ad experience for users.

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Branding Lessons from the Tobacco Industry

Many companies spend a fortune on branding. However, the investment is not always proportional to the desired goal to be achieved, such as improved public relations, becoming a top-of-mind or leading brand, and earning customer trust. Marketers can forget that while the branding process is within their control, the brand itself is not. The branding process can be easily defined as the marketing actions that are apparent and tangible. Designing a logo, choosing a combination of brand colors, picking out the appropriate images and messages on the promotional media — these are examples of the branding process. However, the brand of a product, that is, society’s perception of a specific product belonging to a specific company, cannot be controlled as easily as changing the color of a logo. To be able to steer a brand perception to a desired position, you must learn from the best in the world of branding — the tobacco industry.

5 Steps to Establish Online Presence for Small Businesses

5 Steps to Establish Online Presence for Small Businesses

What kinds of businesses should have an online presence? We believe that any kind of business should have an online presence, even if one operates at a single location market, such as a restaurant, law firm, and property agency, to name a few. The Internet isn’t limited to e-commerce businesses. Even if you don’t intend to sell anything online, you should at least try to sell your brand — to encourage people to come visit your business in the real world. In this article, we will guide you through a five-step checklist on establishing an online presence for the first time. Even if you have completed some of the tasks in this checklist, it is a good exercise to run through the list to see what your business might be missing.

Optimize your social media advertising campaign

How to Optimize Your Social Media Advertising Campaign

When social media platforms were invented around a decade ago, there weren’t many competitors, and organic social media marketing was relatively easy. However, social media is now a busy place. If you are a new business, you cannot beat all that noise and barrage of content generated by users and competitors, using only organic (free) content.

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What is the 360 Digital Marketing Approach?

There is always something new in the world of marketing, and the 360-degree marketing approach (or known simply as 360 marketing) is a strategy that builds upon past strategies, such as multi-channel marketing.

How to Choose the Best Content for Instagram Ads

How to Choose the Best Content for Instagram Ads

It is now easier than ever to advertise. If you spend a lot of time online, particularly on social media platforms such as Instagram, any business’s message can be delivered to you. Of course, not all those shown online will interest you. In fact, Instagram Ads, when displayed improperly, can be irritating to viewers. In this article, we’ll talk about how to choose the best content for Instagram Ads or Instagram promoted posts. We’ll show you how to make your Instagram Ads blend in without appearing too much like an ad.

Fast PPC Marketing Guide for Busy Entrepreneurs

Fast PPC Marketing Guide for Busy Entrepreneurs

PPC stands for pay-per-click, and PPC Marketing deals with placing ads on search engines. When a user types a keyword into the input field, the search engine results page will display ads on the first few lines of the link at the top. On Google, a bolded text “Ad” will appear next to the link, and on Bing, an (Ad) bubble appears before the text.

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