On-Site SEO Mistakes

SEO Mistakes Part 1: On-Site SEO Issues

Learn what the most common on-site SEO mistakes are and how to avoid them. Discover how to optimize your website for improved search engine rankings and increased visibility.

Native English Digital Marketing in Indonesia

Native-English Digital Marketing in Indonesia

Welcome to Island Media, an English-speaking digital marketing agency in Jakarta and Bali. Our native-English services include copywriting, SEO, PPC, social media, website design, content marketing and more. We understand the challenges of digital marketing and are committed to creating solutions that will increase visibility and drive traffic to websites.

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What is the 360 Digital Marketing Approach?

There is always something new in the world of marketing, and the 360-degree marketing approach (or known simply as 360 marketing) is a strategy that builds upon past strategies, such as multi-channel marketing.

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How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

The top accounts are posting multiple times a day from Instagram, Twitter, to Facebook and Youtube. Some Twitter accounts are churning up 100 posts in a single week, and you might be wondering whether or not you need to do such a thing to be “up to standard” with other accounts.

Writing a blog for SEO Ranking Better

Does writing a blog help with SEO ranking?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a term that sounds technical, and it may seem like a complicated strategy for marketing. A few aspects of SEO will require some understanding of how websites and search engines work. However, by having a well-designed website in the first place, the work to improve search ranking will become a lot easier. Provided that your website’s architecture is search engine friendly, the next step is to add more pages of content into your website. This often means that you should write a blog for your website.

High-quality content on social media

What is considered as high-quality content on social media?

As we know, social media has developed at an incredibly rapid pace. The year was 2002 when Friendster first appeared, followed by Flickr, YouTube and MySpace. Then in 2006, Facebook began to emerge as a more modern social media platform. In 2009, Twitter followed suit, and by the following year, Instagram appeared. Snapchat appeared in 2011, and newer social media platforms began to emerge as well, notably Tik-Tok.

Powerful and Persuasive Copywriting Tips for Hospitality Industry

Can words really sway people’s minds into buying something? A website with the right copy can make a difference in the booking rate, but be warned – persuasive copywriting should not only be seen as a tactical tool to spur visitors’ interest to convert, but rather as a means to deliver your hotel brand’s overall attitude or feel.

The Importance of Effective UX Writing

As you browse and navigate the web, the first things you’ll interact with are the page elements as well as

Create the Best Social Media Ads Marketing in 2020

Create the Best Social Media Ads Marketing in 2020

Change is a crucial process when it comes to social media advertising. You might be happy with the result from the strategies and tactics you’ve been using last year, but remaining stagnant is not an option, as using the same strategies and approach on your campaign will not get you far over the years. 2019 has been an interesting year which has proven to be a continued rise of video marketing along with solid data as the main aspects of a strong social media advertising campaign. This approach is the key for a better social media strategy in 2020.

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