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How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

The top accounts are posting multiple times a day from Instagram, Twitter, to Facebook and Youtube. Some Twitter accounts are churning up 100 posts in a single week, and you might be wondering whether or not you need to do such a thing to be “up to standard” with other accounts.

Improve Online Customer Experience

How to Improve Online Customer Experience for Your Business?

Online shopping is becoming a favorite pastime for people around the world. It becomes even more so as people around the world are forced to stay at home for quarantine. We’re going to cover the little actions that you can take to improve your business’s online customer experience.

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Can a Marketing Agency Really Benefit My Business?

As your enterprise grows, so do your marketing demands.

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Branding Lessons from the Tobacco Industry

Many companies spend a fortune on branding. However, the investment is not always proportional to the desired goal to be achieved, such as improved public relations, becoming a top-of-mind or leading brand, and earning customer trust. Marketers can forget that while the branding process is within their control, the brand itself is not. The branding process can be easily defined as the marketing actions that are apparent and tangible. Designing a logo, choosing a combination of brand colors, picking out the appropriate images and messages on the promotional media — these are examples of the branding process. However, the brand of a product, that is, society’s perception of a specific product belonging to a specific company, cannot be controlled as easily as changing the color of a logo. To be able to steer a brand perception to a desired position, you must learn from the best in the world of branding — the tobacco industry.

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What is the 360 Digital Marketing Approach?

There is always something new in the world of marketing, and the 360-degree marketing approach (or known simply as 360 marketing) is a strategy that builds upon past strategies, such as multi-channel marketing.

Audience research to establish your target market

How to Do Audience Research to Establish Your Target Market

The universal truth about marketing is that you can’t target every person, but you can sell to everyone. If you

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Understand what Captivates Readers to Grow Your Blog

A seasoned copywriter will make this mistake at least once. As they stuck to a good workflow, they found shortcuts

The Art of Storytelling: Building Engagement in Social Media

Many businesses today make the mistake of underestimating the value and impact of social media on their business, one of

Creating Effective Brand Awareness Campaign Sunshine

Creating Effective Brand Awareness Campaign

As a business owner, brand awareness is one of the most valuable things to have. However, building proper and precise

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