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A Total Game Changer – Google’s New Analytics Product Has Arrived

Google delivers free platform features allowing website owners to identify trends and patterns in how visitors engage with their website.

Demystifying common google tools

Demystifying Three Common Google Tools

We recently launched a stunning new website for a wonderful long term client of ours. On completion of her project, I sent her a list of the digital accounts we had created for her to collect data and monitor the success of her website.

Reciprocal Linking in SEO

Reciprocal Linking in SEO: Good or Bad Practice?

Reciprocal Linking in SEO was a common practice in the early days of internet marketing. The dark secret — it was meant to game Google’s PageRank search algorithm. Although the specifics of the algorithm are closely held billion-dollar secrets, many SEO specialists have a general idea of how it works.

How a Copywriting Service Saves You Time and Drives Web Traffic

How a Copywriting Service Saves You Time and Drives Web Traffic

Content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) work together in a positive feedback loop. A good copywriter has both the strategic thinking and strong editorial skills to achieve this effect.

Google Algorithm Update 2020

Google Algorithm Update 2020 – Featured Snippets

Google is constantly updating their search engine algorithm in an effort to improve users search experience. Last year, there were more than 3,000 updates to the Google Algorithm Update. Google claims that these updates help them to provide more clear, direct and relevant search results for users.

How to Get Conversions with Lower Cost-per-Click (CPC) for Online Ads

We are starting a series on Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising, a classic online advertising model that has existed since the early

Traveler Behaviors in the Digital Era

The internet connects us in more ways than we know. Not only does it make distance less of an issue,

Branding Strategy for New Products

For small businesses or startups having a solid branding strategy is a requirement for growth. No amount of marketing, SEO,

Content Marketing Strategy for Hotels

The Art of Storytelling – Content Marketing Strategy for Hotels

As hotel owners, you’re constantly looking for ways to refine your hotel’s marketing strategy. One of the rising trends in digital marketing is content marketing. However, it is more than just a trend, it’s a plausible option for you to stand out amongst your competitors.

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