Business Domain Names

Everything You Need to Know About Business Domain Names

Choosing a domain name is an essential step in crafting your business’s online presence.

Boost SEO with structured data

Boost Your SEO with Structured Data

According to Randolph (2017), Structured data, also known as schema markup, is code that provides search engines with clear information about your page, allowing the search engine to understand more the page's purpose and context. Schema markup can also be used to improve the appearance of your list of search results, such as by adding stars, which can result in more clicks. This is a new form of optimization.

website takes too long to load

Reasons why your website takes too long to load

Nothing is more annoying to users than a website that takes too long to load. In the fast-paced modern world, nobody wants to wait more than 3 seconds for a single element to appear on screen. The irony is that some of the websites with advanced graphic design have this kind of problem. Animations, high-resolution images, video embeds and layers upon layers of content hidden with unoptimized Javascript and CSS libraries can result in a heavy-to-load website.

How to Improve Your Website’s Engagement

How to Improve Your Website’s Engagement

Everything is working according to your marketing plan. You’ve subscribed to a PPC advertising campaign that exposes your site, increasing traffic. You’ve become active on social media, sharing new updates and promotions to your growing followers. But, do you think you already have enough website's engagement? You may have a great number of viewers, but have they purchased any of your products? Have they explored all your offers? Have they subscribed to a weekly newsletter, and are they curious about the many articles that you have posted before?

Mobile First Website Design

Mobile First Website Design – Do you need it in 2020?

Mobile is at the peak of its game right now. Mobile devices have made a huge impact on web development and digital marketing in 2019, hence born the new terms - mobile first website design. In fact, you are probably reading this article on a mobile device.

Mobile Speed Ranking Factor for SEO

Mobile Speed is a ranking factor for SEO

Since mid-2018, Google announced a significant change to the mobile ranking factors. Even though speed has always been a factor

Easy Steps to Maintain Your Website

Easy Steps to Maintain Your Website

Like a plant that needs nourishing and attention, it will quickly start to look a little wilted without the right care and treatment. Same goes for your website, have you been maintain your website with the right maintenance?

4 things to avoid with Website Design

Choosing a domain name is an essential step in crafting your business’s online presence. To understand what a website domain

Digital Marketing Strategy for Hotels

Tips on building a new hotel website optimized for e-commerce part 2

Welcome back to our blog where we discuss the 5 steps to building a new website for your hotel optimized

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