Fatal website mistakes to avoid like the plague

There are some scenarios in life when mistakes are best avoided, even when operating a website. Of course everyone is

Values we live by: A responsive website design

Developers and website designers revolve their optimization of a webpage through the advice of the world’s largest search engine: Google.

The dark side of SEO

Search engine optimization ensures visibility in organic (non-paid) search lists. SEO is one of the hottest, most diverse, rapidly changing

Help! My Optimized Website is not Ranking!

You’ve done all you can to optimize your website by writing pleasant title tags, beautiful meta’s to attract clicks, using

5 Reasons Why Visitors Hate Your Website

‘Hate’ is a strong word, but it’s also a strong feeling that we feel if we see a poorly done

When things go wrong: Guide to SEO Rankings Recovery

Is your local or international business losing major ranking numbers? Being in the digital marketing industry, this issue is no

SEO strategies for small businesses (Part 4)

We are coming to an end to our “SEO strategies for small businesses” series. Covering from the most fundamental topics

Tools You Need to Improve Your SEO

To compete with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), it is necessary to have the best tools, whether it is free or

How Competitive Data Improves Search Engine Marketing

Competitive advertising observations helps marketers make more strategic decisions. It is one of the most useful and important sources that

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