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Why Develop a Communications Matrix?

A strong brand often has several unique and compelling messages that interest or delight their customers.

A communications matrix ensures that these key brand messages are clearly defined and customized for each audience segment. This allows for consistency across a distributed marketing team and provides guidance for third-party advertising agencies. The communications matrix will be used in conjunction with your advertising budget and business goals to develop a media plan. Whether working with in-house marketing team or an outside advertising agency, you can make sure all messages are on point.

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How Do Communications Plans Work?

A communications plan requires us to set up a workshop to understand your unique market.

We'll talk with you regarding your perceived key audiences and then develop audience personas to help personalize these audiences. We will work together to determine which unique selling points of your brand resonate most with each key audience. The result is a multi-dimensional matrix of messages that should be delivered to target audiences throughout their journey with your brand.

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Why Island Media?

What we do works, and we understand that every business has hopes and dreams, along with the realities of budgets and deadlines.

Maximizing the effectiveness of your communications allows for increased growth, increased profitability and increased opportunities for reinvestment. Make sure you create the right expectations to ensure that customers are delighted with your brand’s delivery

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Why Island Media

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International Experience
Our team have international experience working with Brands from all over the world.
Native English
Deliver your message, the right way. Our team are native English speakers and can help you to distill a clear brand message.
Clear pricing upfront. No surprises. We assess your branding needs and create unique proposals for each client.
Ongoing Support
Our team at Island Media can assist you with all aspects of your marketing deliverables needed post comms matrix.

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