Things you shouldn’t do on Your Company Blogs – Part 1

June 12, 2015  |   Blogging, Marketing

A company blog is a platform where you can exude the qualities of your business and rave about your achievements. It often serves as the clincher for potential leads. Whilst blogging isn’t difficult, it’s not easy either.

It can either become a liability, or it can serve as a vital promotional tool. It depends on how you execute your blog. And that’s where most companies get it wrong.

Negative Signs on a Company Blog

don't do it sign for company blogMake your company blog stronger by taking into account these things you shouldn’t do on a company blog:

1. Focusing on Your Company

The rest of your website focuses on your company. Readers, therefore, want something different from your blog. The best blogs concentrate on education and using industry news to inform about both what the company is doing and the overall direction of the industry.

2. Sales Copy Overload

Your blog is not your chance to attack people with lots of aggressive sales copy. It’s a chance for you to convert leads into customers. Your blog should educate and inform, not rave about why you think you’re the best.

3. Comments Disabled

So many companies refuse to allow comments because they’re worried about people writing negative things underneath their posts. This can happen. But it doesn’t mean it happens on a regular basis. A blog is a two-directional relationship.

Don’t want to hear from your customers?

Then the blog is a waste of time.

4. Blog Simplicity

There’s a mistake involved with leaving lots of unnecessary features turned on. Far from ensuring your blog looks complete, it makes it look unfinished.

Maintain a simple blog with only the most necessary features in place.

5. Repeating Social Content

Too many companies take the easy way out with content. Don’t repurpose content you found on your social media feeds day after day. It’s painfully obvious to all that you’re lifting content, rewriting it, and reposting it on the blog.reputation sign for company blog

Anyone interested in the subject likely read about it when you posted it earlier. So why would they need the blog?

6. Nostalgic Touch

Lots of company owners, especially newer ones, tend to concentrate on the more romantic side of doing business. They talk about long-haul business trips and the thrill of coming out of a negotiation with what they wanted.


This is difficult to relate to for many people. They have no idea what it’s all about. If you don’t, you’re at risk of your customers not identifying with you.

The Perfect Blog Post

There is no such thing as the perfect blog post but if you focus on the need to encourage user engagement it is easy to see if you are being successful.

It's time to get started. Go write your next blog and if you use some of our advice let us know how it goes. Perhaps you have some other ideas that would be useful to share?

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