Things you shouldn’t do on Your Company Blogs – Part 2

June 15, 2015


In the previous post, we have provided some points about things you shouldn’t do on your company blogs. This post will show you more about other negative signs that you should avoid in order to improve your company blog.

Don’t Do This On Your Company Blogs!

Make your company blog stronger by taking into account these things you shouldn’t do on a company blog:

1. Saying Too Much

don't do it sign - company blogsYou want to make blog posts that are informative and interesting. But there’s such a thing as saying too much. Readers should always feel hungry for more.

Why would they get in touch with you about your product when you’ve already told them everything there is to know?

Most companies rely on their customers querying them for more information. It’s where they can personalise responses and increase chances of making a sale.

2. Forgetting to Sell

Yes, it’s true that we cautioned you against hard selling to people. That doesn’t mean the soft sell isn’t perfectly valid though.

A blog is to educate and entertain, but it must tie in with the goals of your company. Your primary goal is to make a sale or to encourage someone to get in touch with you. Every blog should have some sort of call to action at the end of it.

Forget this and your readers won’t know where they’re supposed to turn.

3. Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are amongst the most intrusive marketing vehicles around. Nobody likes them, and the vast majority click away from them with an irritated grunt.

Furthermore, with so many ad blockers actively disabling pop-ups, a significant amount of people will never see your posts anyway.

4. Low Quality Content

It’s tempting to take a shortcut when you’re busy and a deadline is on the horizon. Never attempt to settle for lower quality content, and content you’ve rewritten with no variation.

Customers will notice if you’ve taken the easiest route, and it won’t impress them. A single bad post can leave a permanent stain on your blog forever.

5. Spelling and Grammar Errors

grammar check iconNothing makes a company seem more unprofessional than one that makes regular spelling and grammar errors. It happens to the best of us sometimes, but you should hire an editor to avoid making a habit of it.

6. Create a Balance

Strike the right balance between selling and building a relationship. It’s easy to stray too much into either one of them. For example, you might make your blog more of an advertisement, or entertain readers without turning them towards your products and services.

Get Started With Your Professional Company Blog Now!

These tips will strengthen your blog immeasurably. To make sure you’re getting the results you want, use analytical tools to track important stats, such as page traffic, length of stay, and where most readers come from.

It’s time to get started. Go write your next blog and if you use some of our advice let us know how it goes. Perhaps you have some other ideas that would be useful to share?

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