15 Tips For Creating Content your friends want to share

December 5, 2013  |   Blogging, SEO, Social Media

How many of you out there spend so much time writing new content only to find that no one is reading it, or sharing it with their friends?  For sure there’s a lot of you who have this problem.

Whenever you write anything your goal has to be to get people to share your content and so I wanted to share with you some ways that you can help yourselves to get more people reading and sharing your content.

Great Content needs to be read, shared and liked by your readers; learn about how to do that here.Here are 15 ways you can get your content read, shared and talked about.

Is your content read?

When someone opens up a magazine and flick through the pages what makes them stop at a particular page and read?  If you are filtering through web pages what makes you stop and read?

The headline of your article is a key component of your post so lets’s have a look at how we can improve things.

Here are four ways you can ensure your headline is interesting:

What’s the benefit to the reader? If the headline tells the reader why it is will benefit them it will be more likely read.  Headlines with “How to do…” and “Three ways to …” tend to work well and add value for the reader.

Write to people, not search engines. SEO is out there but when you write remember who will be reading it.  Adding keywords into the title may help SEO but it may not attract people to the article.

Appeal to peoples emotions. Any time you can provoke an emotional reaction you help to keep readers engaged.

Evoke curiosity. Questions in your headline always keep people interested….we are naturally curious people.
Of course you can combine any of these together in your headline. For example…”How to write great blog posts in 5 simple steps”.  Using some of these tips will hopefully help you write a headline that will connect readers with your content.

Now you have people actually looking at your content, let’s look at how we can share content.

How to share your content

Whether you love hate, or don;t care about Google+, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, the fact is that these are the best way to get content shared across a variety of networks.  There is no doubt that a huge number of people live on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ so sharing your content on these sites will certainly help to get read, as well as helping your search rankings.

Here are five ways to share you content online.

Be selective with your social media outlets – There are a lot of places to post these days but a more focused approach will definitely produce better results.  The main social media sites that you will use are Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Ask your readers for help –  If you have great content then why not ask your readers to share the content to their friends and circles.

Run contests – It always fun for people to win something; competitions make it more likely for people to share your content with their family and friends.

Don’t forget to participate – Social Media is meant to be social!  If you are using Google+ and other social media sites then don’t forget to stay active.  There is nothing worse than a social media page that is not looked after.

Collect emails – If you can add value for your visitor by giving them something free, say a free ebook, then it is easy to collect their email address.  You then have direct access to them to assist with your marketing campaigns.

Already shared content, now let’s see if we can make it go viral.

How to get your content talked about

Can you think back to any posts or articles that you have seen online that go viral?  Why do you think they went viral?  The main reason that things go viral is because they have great content that everyone wants to share.

Here are 6 ways you can fantastic content:

Tell us a story – everyone must be able to remember a coll story that someone told them, perhaps at work or at a party.  If you can make your blog posts into a small story then it is easier to go viral.

Avoid boring content – people don’t want to read vast amounts of content so try to keep your content short and sweet; we don’t want people falling asleep on us.

Controversy always stokes a fire – topics that are controversial will always generate more conversation as people feel more emotionally attached to the subject. A blog about why w
omen can’t reverse will always stir some conversation (just joking ladies – we know you are fantastic at reversing).

Be unique – with many people trying to write about the same stuff being unique can be incredibly hard.  Make sure you never copy and past content; generate it all yourself.

Look at the trends –  Google Trends offers an insight into what is trending right now.  You can write about any of these in an attempt to get some conversation going.

We all love to laugh – I have a friend who spends hours watching YouTube for ridiculous videos.  We all love a good laugh so if you can write humorous content you are on a winner.

It won’t be easy to go viral with your content but with time and effort you can reach that goal.


When you think about why we want to generate great content it all comes down to trying to communicate with our potential clients, improve our search engine placements and develop our brand and reputation in our respective industries.

Be prepared for the little short term success.  The tips we have given you will work over the long term but you have to understand that online marketing, SEO and success with Social Media does take time.  Keep at it and keep the content great – you will get there!


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