How to find more Content ideas – Part 2

December 25, 2015


This is a continuation from the previous article (Part 1).

You have probably found yourself struggling to come up with new ideas. Or better still, you have heard and tried some of the well-known tactics for getting content ideas like keeping a notebook at all times so you can jot any ideas that strike or end your posts mid-section so you can pick up in the next post.

The truth is that these can only work for a start.

Generate More Content Ideas

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Here are some two major questions that serve as guidelines to help you generate more content ideas than you can ever imagine:

What question is no one willing to answer?

The answer to this question is no doubt a solution to your content ideas problem. Whenever, you realize that there are questions that no one within your niche is willing to answer, you can take up the challenge and be the one to answer it.

When you do so, your audience will thank you while competitors will lose their position as authorities in the field. When you take this approach, you will do well to do thorough research in order to cover just about every important detail.

When you do this, you can be sure the content will be shared widely. In fact, do not be surprised when you become a sensation with more and more people searching for the answer that no one was willing to answer previously. With this approach, you will never run short of incredible content ideas for your content marketing campaign.

What do you foresee happening in future?

As an authority in your niche or industry, you probably have in depth knowledge of what amazes customers. You will do well to capitalize on this knowledge and become futuristic by effectively making some bold predictions about the industry’s future.great content marketing

Many readers do not want to be left out on new trends, so put the information out there and they will come in their numbers. In fact, the fear of being left out has contributed to many readers signing up on social media platforms so that they can receive information firsthand, as it happens; whether it is news, a product launch or just an update.

It even gets better when you are addressing issues of the future because they all want to be prepared to handle what is ahead.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

There are many smart ways of generating content ideas than you will ever think of. Simply get out of your comfort zone and think differently.

If you have any other ideas to generate more content, please let us know.

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