Content Marketing Tips for Healthcare Businesses

June 22, 2017

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Content Marketing Tips for Healthcare Businesses

Patients and consumers in the healthcare industry are always looking for a trustworthy company which cares about them. Since healthcare is often covered by insurance, many people don’t look at the prices, but are rather interested in which medical clinic, practice or hospital seems better and more reliable than their competitors.

marketing for healthcare businesses
Therefore, patients read many reviews and compare websites, which makes content marketing an important tool for generating patients. Here are some basic tips for healthcare marketers, businesses and brands to get started.

Know your Target.

If you want to create successful content, you have to be aware of your editorial statement and its value for your content creation and distribution plan. Your editorial statement is the main reason why you’re creating content. Make sure that it relates to your business goals and objectives. No matter which goal you choose, be sure to quantify the return of investment of your strategy through analytics. A general goal for health care companies may be increasing the number of customers by a set percentage in a certain amount of time. Then the actions to achieve that goal have to be determined. For example, if you are an eye specialist and you want to generate more patients, one objective may be publishing useful information for people with visual impairment on your social media sites. Then you can contact the leads you receive by using a tracker software and convert them into new customers.

Research your customers.

To find out which content will appeal to your potential customers and patients, you should get to know your audience. You can find out what is attracting new customers by consulting your existing ones. Talk to patients when they visit your clinics and practices or send out surveys. Listen to what concerns them, what they like and what they don’t. Find out which healthcare issues they want to learn more about. Apply the findings to your content strategy.

Develop your strategy.

The strategy will define when and where you will distribute your content. Get to know where your target audience looks for information online. Find out at what time of the day the demographics of your segments use their social media, which keywords they are using, the contents they are looking for, and where their main influences are coming from. Make use of Google Ads to promote your contents. It helps you to target IPs in specific locations and deliver your messages to the right people at the right times.

Provide relevant content.

When you have your editorial statement and a solid strategy to back it up, you can think about the content itself. Luckily, there are always new developments, reports and innovations in the healthcare industry. While keeping you customers informed, you have to make your content relevant as well. Find out about interesting developments and publish something on those subjects. After you have finalized your topic, you must consider the adequate platforms to distribute your messages. Depending on the topic and audience, you may choose to publish e-books, white papers, videos or newsletters. If you deliver content that your potential patients care about, it shows that you care about them.   If you have further questions regarding the marketing of your healthcare business, or in case you need help developing a successful strategy, feel free to contact us anytime.

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