LinkedIn Rocks Content Power Chords with New Content Strategy Guide

September 11, 2015  |   Marketing, SEO, Social Media

Content marketing is the basis of all social media marketing strategy. However, you will agree that not all social media content is relevant.

Experts recommend that rather than producing more content, social media managers should focus on producing quality and relevant content.

Quality content is relevant to the audience and speaks to their needs appropriately. It should stand out and grab the attention of your target audience. For most of us, the question that lingers is:

“How then do you create content that stands out and that connects to your audience?”

The LinkedIn marketing team offers solutions to this query in their eBook: “Playing the Power Chords”. The eBook is the latest content strategy guide.

Guidelines for Content Strategy

LinkedIn’s Big Rock content guide offers great insights from the experienced LinkedIn’s marketing team on the best content strategy. The tips offered are practical and relevant to marketers and social media managers seeking to effectively utilize content in boosting their marketing efforts.

Below are a few guidelines provided in the eBook:


Not More, Better

You want to focus on creating more effective content as opposed to increasing the volume of the content. The LinkedIn marketing team notes that despite the increase in the volume of content produced over the last two years, audience interaction has notably reduced-hence, the call to produce better content.

Establish a Social Media Plan

Whether you are starting out or have been in the social media platform, the following steps will help you create your first big rock in using social media.

• Find the right conversation niche
Choose one that you are well conversant with that is of great interest to your prospects and has a unique perspective.

• Create a working plan
Build a strategy, a timeline and a content policy and share it with your team for feedback and implementing.

• Invite influencers
Adding quotes, thoughts or statistics from third parties amplifies your message and makes it more reputable.

• Write strategically
Determine a tone and style of presenting your content.

• Establish a performance metrics
Marketers should establish a performance metrics that helps them determine their effectiveness in creating resonant content.

Launch with a Bang

If you are starting out, you want to come out with a bang. This can be achieved by promoting your launch through emailing your database or blogging about your launch. LinkedIn offers its users two special platforms to promote their launch: LinkedIn groups and LinkedIn sponsored updates.PromoteYourLaunch

Carve Out the Details of Your Plan

Your plan should focus on a single issue or theme that resonates with your audience. Carving out the details of your content strategy adds context. At this point, you want to focus on specific options for delivering your content and a step to step guide of delivery.

You want to churn the Big Rock process into smaller slices that require minimum effort to implement. Your content delivery can take the form of: visual content (photos and short videos), webinars, blogs, quotes, memos, slide shares, info graphics, among others.

Helping Hand

Every day there are more and more players joining the social media and digital marketing arena; phenomena that makes it challenging for every player to stand out and remain relevant.

There is increased competition for attention and an increasing pressure on marketers to provide content that connects to their audience.

Build an Effective Content Marketing Strategy!

The Big Rock guide is written precisely and concisely to help businesses create and implement better content. This document provides essential, relevant and practical tips to help your brand stand out in the overcrowded digital arena.

Although brief, following the steps provided in the Big Rock guide will maximize your content efforts by helping you to better understand your core principles and build an effective content marketing strategy.

If you know more about effective content strategy, please let us know.

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